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Unwanted gift cards for cash? According to Gift Card & voucher association and KPMP UK, Gift card sales shoot by almost 50 % during the lockdown. Gift cards have evolved from being a small part of the market to be an industry itself. Gift card demand has continued to be on the rise. However, lack of proper knowledge on the usage and importance of gift cards has resulted to most of them been left dormant while others are placed carelessly, which has been a major challenge. There are two types of gift cards: open-loop and closed-loop cards. Open-loop cards are used as debit or credit cards used at any store or with any merchant where the card is accepted, while a closed-loop card works with a specific merchant or store. Example of gift cards are iTunes, Amazon, Steam Wallet, Google Play, Apple Store, eBay, Walmart, Sephora, OneVanilla, Nordstrom, Target, JCPenny, Blue Buy, Nike,, Macy’s, Gamestop, Xbox, Vanilla, G2G, American Express (AMEX), OffGamers, Foot Locker, Visa, Play station and others. Some of the most valuable cards are iTunes, Walmart, Starbucks, target, etc.

In recent times, gift cards are converted to cash either as a result of not needing what the card can redeem ( when the recipient does not get the exact card they want) or need of urgent cash. In 2015, about $1 billion value in gift card were left unspent. They also expire after five years of inactivity or attract an inactivity fee after a year. So Various platforms perform this conversion. Due to the rise In demand, there has been a rise in fraudulent platforms too. Hence, one must be careful in selecting the platform to perform this trade to avoid being scammed.

CardVest offers the best rate you can get anywhere and processes payments with light speed, putting our customer’s satisfaction is our topmost priority. We have been in existence since 2016, and we’re designed and simplified for beginners and experienced gift card traders. Our amazing positive reviews have given us mentions in reputable newspapers and blog outfits in Nigeria.

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The Benefit of converting unwanted gift cards for cash with CardVest

Best rate;

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With Cardvest, you don’t have to worry about your funds no matter the size of the transaction. Your funds are safe and secured with us. We can confidently say we are one of the most trusted platforms for converting your gift cards to cash.


Your transaction gets processed within 5minutes. Yes! We treat your transactions that urgent because customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. Once your trade is CONFIRMED, your payment will be processed between 3-5minutes.

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Converting Gift Card to Cash

The steps below are seamless steps to convert your gift card to cash. To get started, visit https://card to register or if you have an account already.

Cardvest Buy Sell Gift Cards

After creating an account and successfully signing in, select the Gift card you want to sell or buy. For example, suppose you select Walmart in the gift card category. In the sub-category, you have to specify further by choosing between USA Walmart Physical 100, USA Walmart 200-300 and, USA Walmart physical 400-500. Then input the amount in USD, and it’ll be calculated automatically in Naira, then click proceed to trade.


After selecting Gift card to sell, select proceed.

The image below shows where you’ll place your order after providing the necessary information to complete your trade.

image 1

CardVest process your withdrawal within 3-5minutes after the trade has been confirmed. It takes less than 5 minutes to process cash to your local bank under normal circumstances. Banks at times have issues that can delay payment. If you don’t get the payment within 24 hours, contact us.


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