In this season, trading of buying of gift cards online, which includes buying and selling, has been making waves, and it will be abominable not to pay attention to it. This article summarizes the whole idea behind trading, the best platform to trade, and everything needed to successfully sell your gift cards in Nigeria 



As popularly known, Nigerians are not so adapted to making online payments with gift cards. They would prefer to trade the card off for cash and do something else with the money instead of trading online. In place of this, some individuals have come up with the best online platform that enables you to sell your gift cards without any stress quickly. 


As every business, online or physical, have their challenges, so also do a trading gift card. Below are some of the challenges faced in the industry of trading gift cards;

  • Rate issues: it is impossible to get a 100% of the gift card value when trading it off for cash. Nevertheless, it is expected that a handsome value of money is obtained from the trade. It is expedient to avoid platforms with low rates for your good; that way, you can make enough profits.
  • Speed of payment: on average, redeeming a gift card should not take more than a minute or even less, so it is necessary to look out for how long it takes to get your money. So, getting your payment on a good exchange platform should not even take more than five minutes maximum.
  • Trust issues: this is one of the central and most significant issues faced in an online business s no one wants to fall into a scam. It is essential to be extremely careful when trading online as there are rippers online who are only interested in burglarizing your gift cards. 
  • Option for payment: Many sites have limited options when it comes to payment options, unlike CardVest. Some offer only naira payment, some only bitcoin payment. Therefore, it is advisable to use a platform with more flexibility in their payment options. To conserve your stress of looking for that platform, CardVest offers the best trading experience you can find anywhere.

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  • iTunes
  • Amazon
  • Steam
  • Sephora
  • Walmart
  • Ebay
  • One Vanilla
  • Google Play
  • Nordstrom
  • Amex Gold
  • Visa Giftcards
  • Apple Store
  • Netflix

CardVest trades gift cards at the best rate in Nigeria, and they happen to have super-fast transactions. With CardVest, transaction speed is as fast as three mins, and you would never get hung up on their gift card transactions.

CardVest also has a free registration, effortless to open an account with no experience needed. 


You can find gift cards almost anywhere, most especially on a reliable and fast platform like CardVest. To start trading with gift cards, you will need to have connections with different businesses. 

  1. Create an account

The first step to trading is creating an account with a reliable and trustworthy trading platform like CardVest. All you need is your email and phone number; any other private information should not be given as a reliable platform like CardVest would not ask. Trace, card, transactions, profile, referrals, and others are what you would see as soon as you’ve created an account using a password also.

2. Trading process

Then you would use the rate calculator to check the rates, to sell and buy. Then a critical section is where you have to add your bank account to withdraw later on; just; just your account number and bank name are needed, no other private information. After the account has been added, a notification will be shown to affirm that your account has been added.

Next is to open the rate calculator, choose the card category, for instance, Amazon, then put in an amount, then proceed to trade. Next is to select a file and upload an image of the card. You also have the option of putting the money directly in your bank account instead of your trading wallet, and any transaction made will go now to your bank account.

You might also want to check the terms of trade to get enough information; after this, you can place your order.


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