How to fix Google play gift card error

How to fix Google play gift card error: Google Play Gift cards are virtual vouchers or e-codes that can be redeemed on the google play store. It acts as a means of payment that allows the user to pay for applications and other application services on the play store app. It can also be used to rent movies, buy books on the google music store and google playbooks. 

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Like other available gift cards tradable on retail platforms, it can show error codes when redeeming. When this happens, that is not a time to panic as it is the only gift card that you can work on when it shows error messages. One of the reasons for the errors message is having incorrect keystrokes. Other minor issues such as the Play store balance limit also come into play when redeeming the gift card.

To help with this kind of gift card error issue, we have compiled a list of four possible things to do when your google play gift card shows an error message. Here are some of the possible solutions: 

1. Check the Promotional Code

One of the first things to do when you encounter an error message is to check the promotion code. Verify if the code you entered is the correct code or you made a mistake while inputting the codes.

The google play gift card can also be purchased physically at their offices globally. What this means is that the mode of redeeming physical gift cards are different from that of e-codes. With physical codes, the codes are redeemed immediately after the transaction has been validated. It is a security measure as the physical cards cannot be activated by google remotely. 

But for the google play gift cards that are sent over the mail, you will have to redeem them on the google play store app. It infers that if you are getting error messages on your virtual gift card, the first thing to do is to verify if there are no errors while typing the codes. If the problem persists, you will need to contact the service provider to get your gift card.

how to fix google play gift card error

Checking on the online retailer or service provider where you got the google play gift card will give an insight into what the error is all about. Perhaps, the gift card has expired, or the card has been redeemed already. 

2. Check that the Code Value does not exceed the Play Store limit

Some rules guide the redeeming of gift cards using the google play platform. One such rule is that the available balance on the gift card must not be more than the Google Play Store’s limit. When this happens, you will not be able to redeem the gift card. In addition, Google play store has strict measures to limit the overall amount of funds you can have on your google account. They have also placed restrictions on the maximum amount of money redeemable on your card in a given time frame.  

To work your way around this gift card error, you will need to spend a fraction of money from your google play account. It will give way to space for your google play gift card to be redeemed. 

3. Confirm the account you are logged into

It is probably one of the most underrated reasons people experience gift card errors when redeeming their google gift card. 

Using another account or email to redeem your google play gift card is sure to give an error message. It is because every gift card received via mail has been synchronized to that mail. Hence, the reason why you cannot use another mail to redeem it. So, after verifying if the codes have been inputted correctly and your daily limit has not been exceeded, you need to check the mail.


To make things easier, ensure it is the mail you used to purchase the gift card used for logging in to the google play store. To check this, you can click on the three horizontal lines placed on the side of the screen and select the “account” option. It takes you to a page where you can change the email address if there is an error. After confirming this, you can retry the gift card redemption process. 

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