Netflix gift card, cost, and online purchase in Nigeria

Netflix gift card is a unique type of gift card that is essentially used to gain access to Netflix. It is a card common among frequent users of the Netflix workspace who want to enjoy additional access and premium services. It can be an e-gift card or a physical scratch card. Whichever form it is being purchased, you can use an 11-number code card to pay for the monthly subscription on Netflix. These subscriptions exist for both first-time users as well as already established customers.

Like other gift cards, Netflix gift cards can be purchased and acquired on other online retail platforms. In addition, platforms like CardVest allow users to purchase Netflix cards of different value for their subscriptions at  the best rate. However, there is a twist to the use of Netflix. It is a fact that Netflix gift cards do not expire, nor do they lose their value. This development has formed the crux of why people go to get a Netflix card and purchase for their loved ones.

Whether you buy the Netflix physical card, which has the codes imprinted on the back, or buys online and has it sent to your mail, the gift card does not expire. However, Netflix gift cards also hold some peculiarities with other gift cards. In that, they are not refundable. Once the codes have been sent to your mail and the transaction verified, the gift card cannot be returned nor refunded.

The plus side to this is that once the Netflix card has been redeemed and applied to your account, you can keep streaming movies until the balance runs out. Netflix has a monthly subscription of $9.99. So if you purchase a Netflix card worth $15, you can continue watching movies until your balance runs out. The good news is that the gift card balance does not expire even if you cannot finish the balance before the month’s end. It affirms that Netflix gift cards can be stockpiled and bought in multiples in whatever quantities you want.  

Netflix Gift Card – Online Purchase In Nigeria

If you do not know how to find your way around Netflix gift cards, here are short steps on how to use a Netflix gift card:

  • The first step to making use of a Netflix gift card is to create an account with Netflix. It helps you gain access to their services and other brand advantages. Also, you get to have your dashboard and movies shuffled to your preferences. To redeem your Netflix gift card, you will need to have an active account as only Netflix can redeem a Netflix gift card.
  • After creating an account and logging on to your dashboard, you can click on your profile picture. The profile picture is always at the top right corner of the Netflix account dashboard. After clicking on it, a drop-down menu shows up. You can select the “account” menu after that.  
  • After clicking on the” “account” menu, you can click on the “redeem a gift card or promo code” on the options that show after that.

netflix gift card
  • If you have difficulty with these steps and have an existing account, you can click on this link to ease the stress.
  • After accessing the “redeem code” portal, you will see a dialog box where you can enter the e-gift codes or the codes on your physical gift card.

image 8

For physical cards, you can carefully scratch the thin foil on the back of the card. Scratching this reveals a set of codes (It can use an 11-digit code). After scratching, you can carefully type in the codes while avoiding any mistake or error in typing.

For e-gift Netflix gift cards, the codes will be sent directly to your mail or the mail of the recipient’s email you provide by the online retailer. Once the code has been delivered, you can type it in meticulously.

If the retailer printed the Netflix card on a receipt for you, you could also type in the codes carefully into the dialog box.  

  • After typing in the codes, you can click on the “redeem” button. It automatically adds the funds to your Netflix account balance.

Although Netflix gift cards are not for sale in Nigeria, online retailers have found a way of getting it across to Netflix users intending to buy Netflix gift cards. It comes at flexible prices depending on how much you will like to purchase. You can buy your Netflix gift cards can be purchased at the best rate on CardVest.

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