Xbox Gift Cards: What you should know

xbox gift cards

One of the vastly popular ways of gift-giving is through gift cards. It gives you the chance to explore a variety of options in choosing your kind of gift. Gift cards serve as the perfect gift, instead of thinking of the perfect color, size, or taste of the person you are gifting. In general, they give your recipient the liberty to choose the exact specification of what they want.

Xbox is a video gaming brand; consisting of about five different video game consoles, streaming services, game applications, and an online gaming space called Xbox Network. The Xbox gaming brand is owned, managed, and controlled by Microsoft. It was first introduced in 2001 in the United States and has grown bigger up till now.

Xbox gift card affords you the freedom to spend easily on your favorite Microsoft products. Movies, video games, accessories, and hardware in the Microsoft store are purchased using the Xbox gift card. Large purchases using Xbox gift cards attract a discount.

In this article, we will explore some of the things you should know about Xbox gift cards. 

xbox gift cards

5 Things to Know About Xbox Gift Cards 

1. It is Used to Purchase Microsoft Products

We use Xbox or Microsoft gift cards to purchase whatever item Microsoft sells in their store. These products can be either hardware products like games consoles, headsets, keyboards or controllers, etc. We use it to purchase digital entertainment products such as games, movies, video shows, in-game currencies, etc. 

Most customers like to spend their gift cards on Xbox game services such as Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass grants access to hundreds of games for $10/month; hence, most customers like to use their gift cards for this purpose. You can also use the Xbox gift cards to pre-order Microsoft products and services.

2. Comes in Digital and Physical Cards

You can make a purchase of digital Xbox gift cards via online stores. You can visit physical stores to purchase the prepaid physical card. Whichever option you’re comfortable with, the Xbox gift card meets your preference. If you buy the digital card from an online store, you will receive the code in your email which you add to your Microsoft Store account. 

3. Different Cards for Different Regions

Xbox gift cards occur differently for different parts of the world; the gift cards will also carry the currency of the regions. For example, the Xbox gift card for the United Kingdom will come in Pounds while that for Brazil will carry Rials. However, the most popular Xbox gift cards come in USD, and most online stores sell only in USD. Note that the gift cards that occur in different currencies have the same value based on how much in the currency you’re purchasing them.

If you have an Xbox gift card of £25, it cannot be redeemed within the US because the gift cards are region locked. 

4. Redeeming the Gift Card

Xbox gift cards are a little more complex than other gift cards because they exist in different currencies. This makes the process of redeeming the gift card a bit more complicated too. If you have a Euros gift card and you are not in that region, you can redeem the gift card by switching the location of your account, making your purchase, and then switching back to your original location.

Redeeming your Xbox gift card can be done on the Xbox website, Microsoft store, or any other trusted website. However, you should take into account the location of the gift card you are purchasing. You can also redeem your Xbox gift card on Cardvest at the best rates.

5. Expiry Date

Fortunately, Xbox gift cards do not have an expiry date, they remain valid for as long as they are unused. When they have been activated and redeemed on your account, they will be used to offset bills on your account till you use up the amounts on them. 

Other things to note about the Xbox gift cards,

– They are also known as Windows Gift Card, they can be redeemed and used to make purchases on the Microsoft Store, Xbox website, and the Xbox console. 

– You can access all of Xbox products and services with the gift card, all their high-end gaming hardware can be gotten using the Xbox gift card.

Benefits of Xbox Gift Card

Some of the benefits of the Xbox gift card include, 

1. Time-Saving: Xbox gift cards especially digital cards help users save a lot of time on making purchases. Redeeming the codes on the gift cards is known to be a timely process, it helps users who are gamers save time in making purchases from the store. 

2. Ease of Use: The gift cards are easy to use, the process is simple. You can visit the Microsoft Store or you can visit the Xbox website. If you redeem the code on your Xbox console, the process of redeeming the code, the process is similar to that of the websites. 

3. Great Gift Choice: Xbox gift cards are one of the best gift choices available if you want to gift gamers. The ability to use the gift card for different purposes makes it a great option as a gift.  


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