eCode Gift Cards and How They Work

eCode gift cards are virtual gift cards popular in this age. The card is delivered to the receiver via text messages or emails. The eCode is a pin code that is inputed on the checkout web page when you make purchases. 

Advantages of eCode Gift Cards

1) Instant Usage: When you receive the pin of the eCode on your devices, you can enjoy its usage almost immediately. The physical card cannot offer the same speed of usage as the eCode gift card. 

2) Security: eCode gift cards are less prone to scams than physical gift cards. Gift cards sold in brick-and-mortar stores can be tampered with. If there is no third-party interference in your eCode purchase, you are assured of a safe and secure transaction.

3) Easier to Produce: The cost of producing random codes as eCode gift cards is lesser than the incurred cost in producing plastic gift cards. You can replenish your eCode as many times as you like without incurring printing costs. eCode gift cards are made with no logistic cost implications.

4) They can be personalized: You can send a person an ecode with your personalized details on it. You can send the card with a personal message to the recipient. 

5. They are Eco-Friendly: eCode gift cards do not require the use of paper, plastic, or any physical objects. They are part of the little efforts put into saving the environment. 

6They cannot be lost: If you misplace the physical gift card, it is difficult to rectify the situation. You cannot easily misplace the e-gift card; if you misplace it, you can retrieve it by supplying your contact information to the merchant. You can also check your spam folder on your email if you lose the code.

Disadvantages of eCode Gift Cards

1. Almost Non-refundable: If you get the wrong code, there is a low probability of a refund. When issues come up with physical cards, there is an assurance of a refund. 

2. It is Not Presentable as a Gift: The eCode does not look like a gift to people who love the conventional use of gift boxes or ribbons. However, the eCode gift card and the plastic card bear the same value.

3. It may be sent to the wrong details: The recipient has to thoroughly check their details before confirming the transaction. There’s a risk of sending the pin to the wrong email address or phone number. To avoid this, you need to follow up with the recipient for confirmation.

4You may need to follow up: If you send a friend an eCode gift card, there is a probability that the gift card will not reach the recipient. You need to put extra effort into follow-up. If you bought a physical card, the onus of successfully delivering the card lies on you. 

How eCodes Works

In this article, we will review how eCode gift cards work. They work just like regular gift cards. Physical gift cards have a pin code on the back which is unsealed. When you buy the card, you scratch off the covering and access the pin which is used to make transactions. 

eCode gift cards are the pin codes that are sent to your email address or phone number. When you redeem the code, you input the code on the checkout web page and transact. If you want to use it in a physical store, it is advisable to print out the code to check out at the store. 

It should be noted that eCode gift cards differ based on the merchant. Some can work in offline and online stores, while some can work online only. The merchants sometimes restrict the usage of the gift card to online purchases. 

To prevent the non-delivery of email, it is advisable to patronize merchants who carry out scheduled deliveries. If you plan to gift a loved one on a particular date, this is the best path to follow. 

ecode gift cards

How to Send an eCode Gift Card

To send your eCode gift card to a loved one, follow these steps;

I.   Visit the website of the merchant you will patronize. 

II. Select the eGift card option you want to send out. 

III. Determine the amount and quantity you want to send out.

IV. Fill in the details of the recipient, the name, and email address. 

V. If you want to send a personal message, add the message. 

VI. Add the gift card to your cart and checkout on the website.

To purchase eCodes for your gift cards on CardVest, Visit your Dashboard and select buy gift card.


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