Spotify Gift Cards: What you should know

Spotify Gift Cards: Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming platform; they are one of the world’s largest streaming service providers with about 400 million monthly active users. They offer access to over 90 million records and songs licensed by copyright owners. Spotify gift card users gain access to songs and records by paying a subscription to Spotify. Spotify pays royalties to the copyright owners of songs based on the number of streams the artist has. One method of subscribing to Spotify is through the use of the Spotify gift card and eGift card.

Spotify gift cards carry a cash equivalent and are offered to users of the platform. You can get the gift card at selected retail outlets and e-commerce stores across the world. Due to Spotify’s worldwide reach, they offer gift cards in different currencies across the countries in the world. 

Unlike other gift cards that can purchase any item sold by the issuer, Spotify gift cards can only get Premium Individual Plans. They cannot get other subscription plans on Spotify.

Uses of Spotify Gift Cards

1. The first use of a Spotify gift card is to pay for a Spotify Premium individual subscription. The subscription allows you to listen to songs and download music ad-free. However, you can make the premium subscription only for up to 18 months using the Spotify gift card.

2. The gift card can be traded for cash. There are platforms where you can exchange gift cards for money, irrespective of the currency it occurs in. Most of these platforms are localized; hence, look out for the gift card trader in your region or country.   

3. If you want to gift a music lover, one of the best options for a gift is the Spotify gift card. It is very useful as a gift due to the huge volume of songs and records available on Spotify.

spotify gift cards

Features of the Spotify Gift Card

1. Physical and Digital Gift Cards: The Spotify gift cards are both physical and digital cards that you redeem on the Spotify platform. The physical cards are sold over the counter at selected retail and in electronic stores. 

Spotify also offers eGift cards that you can gift to friends who love music. The physical cards contain a code on the back. The code for the eGift card is sent to your email. The code for the physical and the digital gift cards is redeemed on  

It should be noted that Spotify gift cards and eGift cards are different from Spotify Subscription Cards and eCards. The gift card and eGift Cards are denominated in currency while the Subscription card and eCards are denominated in months of Premium subscription. 

2. Expiry Date: According to, gift cards do not have an expiry date. However, the cards are single-use cards which means they are used once. You can only get up to 18 months of premium subscription using the gift card. 

3. No Balance Check: It is impossible to check the balance in currency on your gift card because they are a single-use card. However, you can verify how much time of premium subscription you have left on the account.

4. Non-Refundable: The Spotify gift cards are non-refundable, they cannot be redeemed for cash. If you redeem the gift card on your Spotify account, you cannot get a refund except if required by law.

5. No Service Charge: The use of the card does not attract any service charge from Spotify. There are no additional charges for the use of the Spotify gift card. 

How to Purchase a Spotify Gift Card 

The Spotify gift card is sold at different offline and online stores. On Amazon, Spotify sells its gift card under the name of ‘Spotify’. Other vendors who use the title ‘Spotify’ do not have the authorization to sell Spotify gift cards. 

  There are authorized vendors for Spotify gift cards across the world. The big retail stores and the recognized online stores. Some gift card vendors are also authorized to sell Spotify gift cards.

Benefits of Spotify Gift Card 

1. Multi-Currency: Spotify gift cards are available in different currencies of the world. In almost every region where Spotify is available, Spotify gift card exists in that region’s currency. However, gift cards are country-bound and non-transferable between countries. If you buy a gift card in the USA, you cannot transfer it to your friend in Spain. Spotify gift cards bought in euros are usable only in the EU. Spotify is available in 178 countries of the world and counting. 

2. Premium Subscription: The gift card gives you access to all the music on the Spotify platform ad-free. With the Spotify gift card, you have access to listen to and download over 90 million songs. You cannot use the card for Student or Family subscription plans.

3. Usable on Any Platform: If you have a Spotify account, you can use the gift card on your Windows, Android, or Apple devices.   

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