Popular Nigerian Gift Cards

Gift cards are physical and digital cards that have preloaded money value. The cards are issued by businesses to attract customers. Popular brands use gift cards as a strategy for expanding their customer reach. There are Nigerian gift cards too that function same way other gift cards like Amazon, eBay, Sephora etc functions.

In the US, these cards are known as gift cards; in the UK, they are known as gift vouchers. The most popular brands that issue gift cards in the world are in the US. However, the strategy of using gift cards is becoming popular among brands across the world. For example, many Nigerian business owners are now adopting the strategy of using gift cards to push their brands.

Most Nigerian gift cards are known as gift vouchers like in the UK. We will explore some of the popular Nigerian gift cards in this post.

Nigerian Gift cards

The Most Common Nigerian Gift Cards

1. Shoprite Gift Cards: Shoprite is Nigeria’s largest retail store with about 26 stores. They offer gift vouchers that can be redeemed only at Shoprite locations in Nigeria. Shoprite gives a discount to their customers who use the gift cards.

You can get the voucher at Shoprite stores or on selected online merchants. There is no digital option for the gift card. 

2.  Jumia Gift Cards: Jumia the leading e-commerce platform in Nigeria offers gift cards from N500 to their customers. The Jumia gift card is redeemable on jumia.com.ng for one-time use. Unlike American gift cards, the Jumia gift card is used to make a one-time purchase of items that carry their value. 

The Jumia gift card is valid for 12 months; you can get it on Jumia and selected online merchants. 

3. Spar Gift Card: Spar is the largest hypermarket store in Nigeria; they have 15 stores across Nigeria. They offer gift cards to customers to entice customers as items bought using the gift card come at a discount. The “Double Awoof Gift Card” is redeemable only at Spar locations in Nigeria. 

The Spar gift card is gotten at Spar stores across Nigeria and through online vendors. With a value starting from N500, it is reusable but is not reloadable.

4. FilmHouse Cinema Gift Card: Filmhouse is one of the leading cinema brands in Nigeria with 12 locations. They offer vouchers starting from N500 to their customers. The gift cards are for the redemption of movie tickets at the various Filmhouse locations. These gift cards are also used to purchase food and beverage at the cinema. 

The filmhouse gift card is non-reloadable and non-refundable; it is a single-use card. You can get the Filmhouse gift cards from the filmhouse online shop.

5.  Game Africa Gift Cards: Game Africa is a discount retail store with outlets in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, and Enugu. Their gift cards are redeemable at their locations. The cards start from N500. 


Many businesses ranging from fashion stores to laundry stores offer gift vouchers. Car sellers, electronic stores, and hotels in Nigeria also offer gift cards. One sure plug for buying indigenous gift cards is suregifts.com.ng

Most of the Nigerian gift cards start from N500, and they are not worth much. It makes Nigerian gift cards unpopular among Nigerians. Other disadvantages of Nigerian gift cards are the single-use feature and the expiry date. Most stores that use gift vouchers in Nigeria make the cards usable only during festival periods of the year. 

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