5 popular gift cards their features

popular gift cards

 5 popular gift cards you should know

Several retail stores issue gift cards traditionally and digitally. However, there are some with popular influence and large pursuance by traders and regular card users. Popular retail stores and eCommerce platforms that offer gift cards include Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Nordstrom, Sephora, Xbox, Steam, and a few others. There are also popular financial service solutions like Visa, American Express, and One vanilla that also issue gift cards.

Gift cards are money cards with stored value issued by retail outlets, banks, and eCommerce platforms. Funds on gift cards are preloaded upon purchase and are not usually reloadable when they get exhausted or if the user wants to reload at any point in time. Users can use their card funds as soon as they activate them with the cashier or online on the issuer’s website.

The functions and features of different gift cards vary vastly from one and other depending on the extent of allowance and constraints placed by the issuer. For this reason, some gift cards are popular and more preferred than other cards. Some cards are issued by retail stores and are only redeemable at their physical stores and online platforms. For example, Walmart gift cards are only redeemable at Walmart’s conventional and online stores, as well as Sam’s Club stores and website.

popular gift cards

Follow me closely as we delve into Five popular gift cards that you should know. First of them will be the aforementioned Walmart gift card, then we will follow with Visa, Amazon, iTunes, and AMEX gift cards.

  1. Walmart gift cards

Walmart is one of the largest American retail stores with hundreds of physical stores within America and Canada. There are two broad types of Walmart gift cards; physical gift cards and eGift cards. Their physical gift cards are similar to traditional credit and debit cards and can be customized to suit different occasions as preferred by the purchaser. They are issued at Walmart and Sam’s club physical stores. To save yourself the stress of visiting physical stores, you can also order them for their website at www.walmart.com.

Walmart’s eGift card is also known as an electronic money card that does not require physical ordering, use, or delivery. They are only sent to the purchaser’s email address and can also be beneficial to purchase at online and physical stores. Other features of Walmart gift cards are non-reloadability, balance check, various customization options, and no expiry date.

2) Visa gift cards

Visa gift cards are issued by Visa Inc., one of the largest multinational financial service companies in the world. Visa also issues both physical plastic cards and electronic gift cards. Dissimilar to gift cards issued by retail stores and eCommerce platforms like Walmart, Amazon, and eBay, Visa gift cards have broader acceptance coverage. Visa gift cards are accepted in all stores where Visa debit and credit cards are accepted.

You can also use Visa gift cards to pay on various online stores and websites. Visa cards are also preloaded upon purchase. So there it is impossible to reload them after exhausting the initialing deposited fund. Other features include international acceptability, no expiry date, no periodic statement, top-notch fund security.

3) Amazon gift cards

Amazon is one of the largest online stores owned by the World’s long-time richest Jeff Bezos. Amazon Inc. issues gift cards to aid comfortable payment and gifting on their platform. Customers can use their cards to buy clothes, books, shoes, accessories, practically anything their card funds can buy in the store.

Amazon gift card is one of the most perfect cards when it comes to gifting because recipients get to choose their particular gift from a large number of items in the store. Recipients also do not have to spend all they have on the card at once since they can use it repeatedly and gift cards do not expire.

4) iTunes gift cards

iTunes gift card is another very famous gift card issued by one of the largest companies in America and the World generally. Apple Inc. issues iTunes gift cards to customers to aid easy purchase and gifting or Apple accessories and other Apple products. Users can check the balance on their iTunes gift card at any time. The card allows customers to pay for TV shows, games, music, apps, iCloud, and Apple accessories.

iTunes gift cards are accepted to purchase goods and services from the following places:

  • Apple music
  • Apple books
  • www.apple.com
  • Apple Store App
  • iTunes
  • The Apple store

5) American Express (AMEX) gift cards

AMEX is an American multinational financial service provider, headquartered in the heart of New York. They offer two types of gift cards; personal and business gift cards. Personal gift cards are for individuals with denominations ranging between $25 – $3000.

The business gift cards on the other hand are a variant issued to businesses in bulk. The idea is channeled towards rewarding employees on special occasions. American express gift cards do not expire and do not attract extra fees after purchase. They are also replaceable incase they get stolen, lost, or damaged.

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