Best Gift cards for gamers: types and uses

Best Gift cards for gamers

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Best gift cards for gamers are those gift cards that are beneficial for purchasing game consoles, accessories, and hardware. Gift cards are quite variant in several ways. Some are best for purchasing cosmetics and fashion wears, others for regular groceries and household equipment. Some are general-purpose gift cards, and then we have gift cards for games and game accessories.

A crucial function that gift cards perform is to aid easy gift-giving. It makes it easy to narrow down your gift options and get customization for special occasions and people without having to pick a gift in particular. It allows the recipient to partake in the decision-making of the perfect gift for them.

If for instance, I have a friend who likes to play games. I probably might not know what game my friend would prefer. The entire gifting surprise will most likely blow up in my face when I find out that I got GTA instead of DIE HARD. To avoid this conflict of decision, sending a gamer’s gift card might be your best shot. It allows the recipient to make their choice and still does not neglect the thoughtfulness behind the gift given.

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Types of gift cards for gamers

A few popular gift cards for gamers are Xbox, Steam, Apple Store, iTunes, and others like Nintendo, Sony, Google play, and the rest. For this article, we would discuss a few of them and their uses in seriatim.

  1. Xbox gift cards

Xbox is one of the largest video gaming brands in the world. It comprises Five gaming consoles, game applications, and an online video game streaming service known as the Xbox network. The Xbox network is an online digital game distribution service formed and operated by Microsoft. The network was formally known as Xbox live and was first made available to the Xbox gaming market on November 15, 2002. However, Xbox as a gaming brand was officially launched in November 2001 and has grown over the years to be what it is today.

The brand also has a game studio where they develop games called the Xbox game studio. Technically, Xbox deals and handles several gaming services and happens to be one of the guys at the top of the gaming gang. So, an Xbox gift card is about the most thoughtful gift that you can give your friends or loved ones who enjoy playing games.

With an Xbox gift card, you can totally purchase anything from the Microsoft store and even get cash or trade discounts on large purchases. Aside from getting a game console, you can also get admirable computer hardware on the Xbox store to set up and improve your gaming experience. Hardware products like keyboards, headsets, gaming mouse, and other accessories are items you can explore with an Xbox gift card.

So, if I were asked about what gift card is the best or one of the best for gamers, I sure will point my finger straight to Xbox. They offer both physical plastic cards and digital gift cards. The digital card is fit to save you the delivery fee and time, should you be sending it to a friend that is nowhere close to where you are. The digital Xbox gift card does pretty much all the regular plastic gift card does. It is just sent to your email instead of getting it traditionally.

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2. Steam gift cards

Similar to Xbox, Steam is an online digital-based video gaming service. They provide video streaming, game software, software update, cloud storage, online gaming, and installation services to customers. Their software is written to suit over 20 world languages with the inclusion of English, Russian, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Steam gift cards are a perfect fit for your gaming needs from wherever and whenever. Various operating systems support installation and use of Steam software for both PCs and mobile phones. macOS, Windows, and Linux are popular operating systems that support Steam services for PC, with iOS and Android on mobile phones.

Steam gift cards offer soft funds and item gifting to friends on the Steam network. You can directly buy your friend a game with the gift card and have it delivered to them or send funds with your card to their Steam account to contribute to their transaction.

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3. Apple Store gift cards

Asides from buying accessories, paying for Apple music, fitness, books, iCloud, and TV+, Apple gift cards can as well make payment for phone and PC games. Apple gift card is not essentially a gamer’s gift card, but it can also be used to purchase game software if you send it to a gaming friend.

Apple gift cards are available both digitally and physically. You can get them on Apple store, Apple Music, Apple Books, Apple TV, and iTunes. Card beneficiaries can check their card balance at any time.

Gamers looking out to get a nice game console, software, and the best gift cards to get them should try checking out some of the above listed. Card bearers can also redeem these cards by selling them to local exchangers. They can convert them to liquid cash, should they have a need for funds where these gift cards are not acceptable. CardVest offers the best rates to convert gift cards to cash. Click here on step by step process on converting gift card to cash.


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