How to redeem eBay gift card for Naira

How to redeem eBay gift card for Naira

You can’t talk about ease and comfort without talking about gift cards. The invention of gift cards has created multiple options in payment options and transfers of funds. One of the many gift cards is the eBay Gift card.

eBay Gift card is a hybrid gift card with a pre-purchased clause that is available on the eBay platform. It is available on all platforms- both digital and physical. It is flexible to the payment of any item on the eBay site.  

Having the eBay gift card guarantees you access to the items on the eBay store. This includes acquiring gift cards of other values too. 

Uses of the eBay gift card

As said earlier, the eBay gift card is very flexible as it gives access to goods on the eBay site. It can be used to purchase items from millions of options in fashion, electronics, motors, toys, collectables, sporting goods, etc. 

It can also be used to make payments for goods when you try to pay with PayPal. This mode of payment is only applicable to goods that are listed on eBayeBay cards can also be used to redeem goods that have been bought on the website. 

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The best way to sell a gift card

It is now a fact that several trading platforms buy gift cards at retail prices. As a result of having several gift card investors around, the market is continually saturated with trading platforms seeking to make the best of the gift card.

With the increase in investors comes a higher difficulty to spot reliable and trustworthy platforms. 

Several organizations have established themselves as big-time players in the business. Examples include Paxful, IGCTrader, and CardVest. 

In the early 2000s, Paxful was the household name for the exchange of gift cards and had a large customer base. It, however, suffered a huge hit when cases of gift card scams were recorded. These reviews and reports affected the credibility of the platform and have since made people move on to other platforms. 

Another big-time player, IGCTrader has a good reputation to boast of. It, however, isn’t the first choice due to its high transactional rates. For small-scale buyers, this may not pose to be a problem but for large-scale investors, this is a huge discouraging factor. 

Having studied the tides and the peculiarities of the long-established platforms, CardVest has infused the balance of honesty and best transactional rates to establish a smoother relationship with customers. With CardVest, you can be sure of having the best rates in Nigeria and a trustworthy platform. We have a track record of providing the best of services since we launched. 

Reasons CardVest is the best platform to redeem eBay gift cards to naira.

CardVest has established itself as a household name among its equals by constantly evolving to create a better, transactional, and user-friendly platform for users. Here are some of its distinctive features:

  • Mobile platforms:

Having stressed the desire of CardVest to ensure users have the best of features to transact easily and swiftly, CardVest has created a user-friendly app to this effect. This makes sure you can transact eBay gift cards from wherever you are anywhere in the world. 

The application is available on Play Store and other online platforms.  

  • Swift transactions: 

This is one of our core missions. The ease of a good transaction is how fast it is and how reliable it is. CardVest, to this effect, increased the response time of its web platforms, both application, and website. The website is optimized to respond to instructions in the shortest time. This is to reduce any lags and other complications that come from an unresponsive web platform. 

  • Best transactional rates:

CardVest prides itself on being the best trading platform that provides the best rates. It uses the Chinese rate for its transactions. For established traders of gift cards, it is widely known that the Chinese rate is the best in the world.

The web platforms have been equipped with an automated rate that refreshes every minute. This makes sure you have the best rate at all times. 

How to redeem eBay gift card for Naira 

  • Download CardVest’s mobile app or access the website here
how to redeem ebay gift card for cash
  • If you have not registered on the CardVest platform, click HERE. If you have, click here to sign in.
image 5
  • After signing in, you will be taken to your dashboard. The dashboard contains your wallet balance and options to buy or sell.
after signin
  • To sell your eBay card, click on the option to sell. Here you can select “eBay card” and the amount you want to sell.
  • After inputting the details, you will be taken to another webpage where you will enter your bank details and the picture of your eBay gift card.
select gift card
  • Ensure the picture is taken clearly to hasten the process of verification.

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