Best Gift Card trading app in 2021

Best Gift Card trading app in 2021

Due to the unavailability of physical stores to redeem gift cards in this part of the world, gift cards are popularly traded for cash. That is why there are several gift card trading platforms. There are certain factors that every trader looks out for when wanting to trade their gift card for cash.

Factors to consider when choosing a trading platform

  1. Rates; This is one of the most important factors to consider when trying to trade your gift card for cash. No one wants to do business and run at loss or get a lesser payment for what they are offering. Gift cards rate varies on different platforms. There is always a challenge of getting the platform that offers the best rates for your gift cards. Always ensure you use the rate calculator on each platform to compare the rate they are offering for your gift card.
  2. Payout Time; some platforms take days before payments are processed. This can be annoying and frustrating especially when you are in urgent need of cash. It is expedient to ensure that the platform you are choosing does not delay payment once the transaction is confirmed. On average, your card should be confirmed within 3-10 minutes and in rare cases that your card is declined, the reason will be stated.
  3. Customer relation; There are times you will need to make inquires about your trade or payment. Waiting for a long while before you get a response can be very disheartening. A good trading platform should respond to your complaint within 5 minutes.
  4. Security; Due to the high increase in online fraud, it is of great importance that you carefully select the platforms that you input your details like your email, your phone number, your account number, etc. Some of these details can be used to perform fraudulent acts if not properly guarded. Due care has to be taken before submitting your card for trade on any platform.

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  • Ease of use; Trading gift cards for cash does not require so much expertise or technical know-how. However, some platforms are difficult to navigate around. Some other applications are not mobile responsive and this can make trading hell of a ride. Before choosing a trading platform, you must ensure it is mobile responsive and easy to use.

Top Gift card trading platform in 2021

  1. Cardvest
  2. Prestmit
  3. Cardtonic
  4. Giftcardtonaira
  5. AstroAfrica
  6. Giftcardhub
  7. Legitcards etc.

Why choose Cardvest;

best gift card trading app in 2021

Since 2016, Cardvest has been in the business of putting smile on the face of its customers after every transaction. After properly considering the slips and shortfalls of the industry, we have topped the game by ensuring we have all qualities that a good trading platform should have.  Issues of delayed funds or downtime have never been associated with Cardvest. We are known for swift trade and instant payment. Our rates are the best you can get anywhere! Our rates are at par with the Chinese rate. We ensure that every of your trade is worth it and leaves a smile on your face. At CardVest, we do not joke with our customers that is why we work around the clock to ensure that no question is left unattended. We have also established an all-encompassing firewall around our customer’s details to ensure that they remain private and are not accessible to fraudster.

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