Picture yourself walking into an apparel store with your expensive leather jackets and your Louis Vuitton bag. You get yourself nice chick wears and walk up to the cashier. Stretching forth your Walmart gift card a little too gracefully, a small smile forming on your face. At that moment,  to your utmost surprise and humiliation, your card is declined, the cashier stated it invalid. How exactly would you feel? 

This issue is unavoidable and in most cases exists for some reason. To make this rather long process easy for you and me, permit me to speak about the general characteristics of a Walmart gift card. 


Do not forget that gift cards are a form of a memorandum which a company gives out to its customers to make purchases easier and also to serve as a little avenue of advertisement for the company or organisation. On this note, we can tell that a Walmart gift card definitely advertises Walmart and also makes purchases and transactions with Walmart easy.


Firstly, when you order your Walmart gift card, in the case whereby your gift card fund rate is above $250 you have to activate this card before you can make use of it. I will shed more light on the process of activation but before then I would like to make note that those gift cards that are less than $250 do not need to be activated. They are good to go at the point of purchase, that is,  as soon as you get them you can start to use them. 

To the process of ACTIVATION:

As soon as you order your Walmart gift card, knowing your gift card is above $250, the activation is done by Walmart itself even before the card gets to you. When you want to order your card, Walmart automatically gives out instructions with the email they would send to you. You would only have to follow these instructions with a set password to get your activation in action. Bottom line, you do not have to stress yourself at home or visit any cashier this time. You only have to follow the instructions you get with the email Walmart sends to you. For those of us that have in our possession the hard copy Walmart gift card, we can get it activated by visiting the activation link on the sticker in front of the card.

check for the validity of


A thing of note is that Walmart also gives out gift cards physically. This implies that you cannot only operate online, you can also use your hard copy gift card offline. 


This is just like a normal gift card number. Only that, unlike the gift card number which is 16 digits, the gift card code is a 3 digit set of numbers. It is also located on the card but at the back of the card. The news of these codes and numbers is basically to define the safety of your gift card. Gift cards bearing these numbers give off a safety aura and an assurance that you are not carrying a scam. 


It is at this point we make use of the card number and the code number we have been discussing. Registering your Walmart gift card is a very easy process. But before I move on, you might wonder why you need to register your Walmart gift card since it has been activated and you have your card number and your code number. Why then should you register the card? 

Well, this is it, registering your card helps to protect your card. We can never be so sure in the case of a theft or a misplacement or a forgery that might occur. Registering your card gets an address attached to your card which helps to protect it and protect you even. A plus is that a lot of sellers are not willing to have any form of connection with gift cards that are not registered. A registered gift card is simply a gift card that has an address attached to it. It can either be your home address, your office address, shop address or just an address that it can be referred to in the case of loss, theft or forgery. 

Apart from protection, there are other reasons why you should register your Walmart gift card. As long as you are interested to shop online, shopping by mail or by your phone then you have to get your gift card registered. To perform this action, you simply have to visit the It is on this website that you would render your gift card number and or your gift card code as you would be requested. And there goes it for the registration of the Walmart gift card.


With all said and done one might wonder why their Walmart gift card has to malfunction even with all the information above. There are a few possible reasons for this to occur. I will discuss them in bullet points below:

  • Your card has not been activated: It is possible to realize during your payment in the store that your gift card has not been activated to the price or the amount that was dialled in by the cashier.  To rectify this issue, you should get yourself another Walmart gift card with a higher fund rate. 
  • INSUFFICIENT FUNDS: You might have purchased a bunch of things and your gift card was declined by saying it is invalid, what can be the cause of this? Either you have an insufficient balance on your gift card (that is to say the balance or the amount of money left on the card is insufficient to pay for what you just purchased) or the cashier dialled in the wrong digits. 
  • BAD INTERNET PROTOCOL (IP): This might happen when you want to check for the balance of your card. You must be careful while checking the balance of your card in terms of IP and internet connection. By all means, kindly avoid using a VPN when you want to access your balance. Also, try not to use an IP other than the US IP. Your card is bound to become invalid or malfunction when a bad IP has being used subsequent times. Note: This does not affect some cards immediately. 

Above are the reasons why your Walmart gift card might be declared invalid. This means that to check for the validity of your Walmart gift card you have to go against one of these set reasons. Going against one most often than not leads to the invalidity of your gift card. However, sometimes these things happen. When your gift card behaves irrationally because of one of those reasons above, you can be sure that your Walmart gift card is valid. 

I hope your eyes have been opened to one or two things in this post. Thank you and I hope you come back for more.  


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