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I’d start by chipping you on the meaning of a typical gift card. A GIFT CARD is in the form of a certificate issued by retailers as an alternative to a non-monetary gift, allowing the bearer, that is you, to purchase goods up to the face value of the card. 

A DIGITAL GIFT CARD, therefore, is the electronic version of the typical gift card. It is sent via electronic mail and is used for online purchases and payments. So majorly, the digital or e-gift card is different from the typical paper held gift card in that it is not issued directly to you, it is sent in the form of a link to your email. In assimilable terms, the typical paper gift card can be held physically, while the e-gift card is in a link in your email. 

In the same sense, a SEPHORA GIFT CARD is a certificate in form of a card issued by the Sephora company to their client to help improve patronization and also to serve as a small scale advertisement aid. A SEPHORA E-GIFT CARD now is the gift card issued by this company but sent to the email address of the buyer. 


  • It is used for online purchase
  • There is an advantage of online business transactions with the use of a Sephora e-gift card.
  • Payments can be made in advance for goods at the Sephora stores or Sephora inside JCPenney stores. 


A Sephora gift card needs no special activation on the side of the recipient. Most gift cards including Sephora are already activated at the point of receiving it, physically or digitally. 


There are numerous ways you can do this. In this post, I would share 3 sure directions with you:

  1. This is the easiest of them all. Confirm your strong internet connection and simply log in to your Sephora account. Click on your name. Afterwards, you follow all the necessary instructions and that would be it. 
  2. This is less stressful. Confirm your mobile sim card is recharged and then you’d dial 1-888-860-7897. This action would place you on a call with a  Sephora attendant who would gladly treat your needs like theirs. 
  3. For those with a Sephora store nearby to them, take a stroll or drive to the store and ask the cashier to help to check your card balance. 


It is a simple analogy. An order or shipment which was supposed to be delivered to you was not due to some crisis that might have occurred during the process of delivery. When it comes to gift cards, a delivery error might occur at the point of collection, activation or redemption. 

Let’s now discuss what is meant by EMAIL DELIVERY ERROR OR FAILURE.  

It is also called a bounce-back message or a bounce message. You realise this error by the fail notification that comes with it. This notification shows the date, time and the error itself. The notification however doesn’t show the reason for the occurrence of the error mentioned. A sample of the message/notification is represented in the link below:,to%2520send%2520the%2520message%2520instead.&ved=2ahUKEwif1Mew-KPyAhWMOsAKHUhqBFsQFnoECAQQBQ&usg=AOvVaw0AikfxKHKKJ1FLiZUbMLkt

So basically this error can be caused by a handful of reasons. I would speak about 5 of them. But before that, I would like to add a little information to the email delivery error or failure explanation above. This error highlights the fact that your intended message didn’t get to your intended receiver or any receiver at all. It tells you that your message wasn’t transmitted or delivered. An average human would ponder why. Here is why:


As usual, I’d begin from the most ignored or less probable reason. Please note that this error doesn’t necessarily mean there is a big problem. It is mainly to set us on the right path. 

  1. You probably have a weak data connection or poor WiFi connection. I am sure you know your way around this. 
  2. Maybe you input the wrong recipient email address. As humans, it is understandable to make these mistakes. To avoid further delay, go through the address one more time. 
  3. There is probably an issue with the recipient’s mail server. You need not blame yourself for this, shit happens. To avert this, kindly reach out to your recipient and inform them about this problem. 
  4. For those that use their phones for transactions such as this, there might probably be a problem with your phone’s storage. You should try to check out this problem. However, if you’re using your personal computer you can go to your pc settings and check for any malfunction that might have surfaced. 
  5. In extreme cases, your pc might have been attacked by malware. Just so you know, malware is gotten from the internet, so as a result, the first step is for you to disconnect your PC from the internet. After a disconnection, you immediately place your PC in a safe mode and avoid logging into any of your serious accounts (business accounts). Your next step is to check your PC for any malicious threats or attacks that might be in the form of programs or applications. You then use a malware scanner to check for strange activities on your PC. The next step is for you to check your browser and fix it to avoid any form of modification from the malware. You can verify your default homepage after this check. If the problem persists, you should clear your cache and try restarting your PC. 

In summary, Sephora as an organization in most cases, if not all, has nothing to do with the errors we face with our email delivery. The possible reasons and their simple remedies are out listed above for your comfort.

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