How to Redeem Walmart Gift Card

How to Redeem Walmart Gift Card

How to Redeem Walmart Gift Card

Having problems picking a gift for a family member, friend, or colleague?

Worry no more, with the invention of gift cards, picking gifts has now been made easy!

Walmart Gift Card is one of the very popular gift cards that can serve as the perfect birthday gift. As we know that there is hardly any popular store without a gift card to make purchases easy, Walmart gift card is a unique gift card that can be used to order and pay for items at the Walmart store.

Walmart is a famous departmental chain of stores in the US that deals with a large range of items which includes electronics, furniture, shoes and clothing, cars, groceries, home appliances, toys, beauty products, and a lot more. 

Walmart Gift Card is a pre-paid that is a safer and more convenient way to pay for items either online or in a physical store without using cash. 

Learn how to check validity of Walmart Gift Card

Sell your Walmart Gift Card

CardVest is at your beck and call! CardVest is an online digital platform that lets its users exchange all sorts of gift cards like eBay gift cards, Amex gold gift cards, OneVanilla gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, and a whole lot more. CardVest is a genuine, fast, and reliable platform that offers only the best rates you can think of for every available gift card. 

To redeem a Walmart Gift Card and get your cash as fast as possible, CardVest is available to render this service to you in the comfort of wherever you are. There are two ways to access these awesome services.

1. Through the online website

2. Through the CardVest app

1. Through the website: On your browser, search for the official CardVest website or click on to sign in if you have previously opened an account. In the absence of this, click on Sign up and proceed to have an account created. To get an account created, input your username, a valid email account, and your password. Click on the ‘ Agree with CardVest’s privacy policy and terms’.

Click on create an account and you are done! A dashboard where you can add your account details is opened to you. To do this, click on the navigation bar and then on wallet. Click on ‘Add bank’. Then select the name of your bank and correctly type in your account number. Your account name automatically shows if the details are correct. You are permitted to add more than one bank account if you want. Proceed back to the navigation bar and click on ‘Trade’.

Select the gift card you want to exchange. In this case, Walmart Gift Card should be picked amongst others on the list. Pick out the category of the gift card you want to trade. Type in the gift card amount and upload a clear picture of the gift card showing its details. As soon as this trade is complete and confirmed, payment is made to your wallet where you can immediately process withdrawal to your account.

2. Through CardVest app: You can download the CardVest app on your device’s store. Users with an account can sign up immediately while those without an account can create one. Just like with the website, a dashboard that you click on to add your bank details is opened to you. Click on the navigation bar and then on the ‘wallet’ icon.

‘Add bank’ should be clicked on after and correct details should be entered. You can add more than one bank account if you wish. Click on ‘Trade’ to begin your exchange process. Click on the gift card you want to sell which is the Walmart Gift Card. Click on the correct category of the card, then input the gift card amount. Take a clear picture of the card showing its details and upload.

Click on ‘Place Order’ afterward. Once your trade is confirmed, you get credited to your CardVest wallet. You may now proceed to withdraw any amount to your bank account.

Simple, right? Redeeming your gift card with CardVest allows you to trade and get paid in minutes.

CardVest offers only the best rates for all gift cards online. Compared to other trading platforms, CardVest only offers the money’s worth for all your gift cards. 

CardVest is a trading platform that is digital and has been proven with a long list of reviews and feedback. CardVest takes pride in the exchange of gift cards in Nigeria. CardVest is completely interested in giving users an amazing experience by making the trading with the platform trustable, easy to use, fast and stress-less. CardVest with its customer-friendly platform is obsessed with providing ease of financial transaction here in Nigeria.

CardVest provides its fast services in Nigeria via the CardVest app or CardVest website,


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