How To Check VANILLA GIFT CARD Balance

How To Check VANILLA GIFT CARD Balance

It is a part of the diverse online catalog of the Vanilla Gift. The Vanilla Gift is the authorized seller of the Vanilla Gift Cards. A Gift Card is a gift certificate issued by retailers as an alternative to the non-monetary gift which allows the owner to buy goods up to their par value. They come in two forms; the physical card and the E gift card (electronic gift card, works with email).

A Vanilla Gift Card is a prepaid Visa gift card available to purchase in the range of $10 to $500. Its purchasing power is also in this range.

Perhaps you were gifted a Vanilla Gift Card during the last holiday or some time ago and you are looking for a way to go about knowing the balance on it at some moment after a few purchases, I am glad to inform you that you are on the right article. This ‘how-to’ blog post will not only tell you about the activation of your Vanilla Gift Card, but it will also give adequate guidance on how to check your Vanilla Gift Card balance.


It is easy to activate a gift card. On a norm, a Vanilla Gift Card is already activated at the point of purchase. However, if that is not the case, you should simply visit the to register online. You can also reach out to the toll-free number at the back of your card which in most cases is this 1-833-322-6760 OR 1-800-571-1376


There are 2 valid ways to checking the balance of your gift card. It is either you check online or you contact the customer aid. These two methods would be duly discussed below:


Here is a step-by-step guide to checking your Vanilla Gift Card balance online. Sit tight and follow:

  1. VISIT THE WEBSITE: The official website to go is On reaching the website, you would see a drop-down icon at the upper right of the page (left of you). This icon is opposite the shopping cart icon. You are to click on this icon. The icon leads to a menu of categories. One of the categories states this caption “Have a Vanilla Gift Card Check Balance”. Then you click on the caption. Your action leads to a new page which I like to call the “balance check” page.
  • INPUT DETAILS: Now that you are on the “balance check” page, you would see some fill-in requirement boxes asking for the imputation of some details. Not to worry, these details are only about your card and they would help to verify your card and give the correct info you are searching for. The first detail you would be asked to fill in is the card number (16 digits). The second is the security code (3 digits). While the third and most often last is the expiry date of the card. First, the gift card number is located at the front part of the card. The second detail, the security code, is at the back of the card. While the third detail, the expiry date of the card is there in front of the card. These details help in your sign-in process.

In a situation whereby you are not in a condition to go online, which also implies that you would not be able to use the guidelines above to check your gift card balance, there is another way to go about it. As it is said, more than one road leads to the market. Therefore, here is a way to check the balance of your Vanilla Gift Card offline.

  1. Call the customer care line of the Vanilla Gift Card. The customer care number is at the back of your card.
  • Your card pin might be needed for easy clarifications and system requirements so, this is how you would go about that. First of all, you would call the card number and inform them about your need for your card pin. You would then be asked to input your card number and everything would be set for you as their customer service is superb. Your card pin is a 4-digit number and without it, you would not be able to carry out necessary debit transactions. Your online purchasing power would be non-functional without a card pin. Unlike every other gift, the Vanilla Gift Card does not have its PIN anywhere on the card.
  • You would be asked some more confirmation details which include your card number, security code, and the likes.

A thing of note is that the call to the customer care line or number is toll-free. This means you would not be charged in any way for putting a call through.

Following the aforementioned steps and tweaks, I only hope you find it easy to check your balance on your Vanilla Gift Card henceforth.

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