As a ruling online distribution and retail platform, they deliver credit of games and top-ups to their consumers all over the world. They serve registered users worldwide having built a strong reputation. America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East continents are under their jurisdiction. The company strongly believes in nurturing and fostering cordial relationships with its customers and partners for the optimization of the capability to facilitate the video gaming industry. OffGamers is a computer games industry. OffGamers is a digital online game store that is popular and trusted. They use common and popular payment mechanisms like PayPal and credit cards. Their specialties include global game, game top-up, multi-game card, and of course, gift cards.


As we all know, gift cards are used for purchases and transactions involving exchange. The OffGamers gift cards are issued by the OffGamers game company for customers to purchase freely.

The designation of the OffGamers Gift Card is to come in place of the traditional gift certificates. In this light, it renders convenience to its users. The civilized world we live in now. One in which one can easily get gifts for their loved ones within the space of seconds and by the tip of their fingers. Today, I would be expatiating on the various methods and rules to follow when you want to know the balance on your OffGamers Gift Card. Picture the kind of embarrassment you could go through when you go to a Beauty store to get some foundations and lipstick. Only for your gift card to read ‘insufficient funds’. Who is to be blamed? In actuality, no one! However, wouldn’t it have been better if you had taken some precaution as the classy woman that you are to at least know the amount you have left in your OffGamers Gift Card?

It is those precautions that you’d get in this blog post.

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To activate a gift card is easy. You can either do it offline or online. Offline, you just have to call the OffGamers toll-free customer care line. Online, visit the Shasso website or and fill in the necessary details and info requested of you.

To avert issues at the point of checking your balance, you must have done the needful— activating your OffGamers Gift Card. If you have done this procedure, it is sure that you would not face any form of technical glitches.


There are three approaches to checking your balance on your OffGamers Gift Card. The first has to do with being online and visiting a website. The second deals with calling the customer care line while the third is about actual bodily visitation to an OffGamers store or any gift card store at all.

With the quick summary listed above, I trust you have gotten an overview of what we are about to dive into.


  • Visit the and log in. If you do not have an account, create one.
  • You’d be asked for the imputation of your basic card details such as: Card number which is 16 digits. The second is the Security code, this is 3 digits. The third is the expiry date. You will locate this Card number on the front of the card. The security code is located at the back of the card. The expiry date is found at the front of the OffGamers gift card. With these details, your sign-up process is easier.
  • Click on ‘your balance’


You might be busy with something that has to do with your life or something. If that happens, you might not have the luxury of time to go online, visit the official website and begin to fill out all card detail and all. You can do yourself a favor by following these three steps.

  1. Dial the OffGamers customer care line +65 98628773. The care line is at the back of the card.
  2. The pin of your card might be needed for easy clarifications and requirements of the system. You might be wondering what your ‘card pin’ is. Firstly, you would call the care line and inform them you need your card pin. Afterward, you would be asked to input your card number and everything would be set for you. Their customer is great so you needn’t worry. Your card pin is a 4-digit number. Without it, can’t carry out necessary debit transactions. Without a card pin, your online trading power would be non-functional.
  3. A couple of confirmation details like your card number, security code, and the likes.
  4. Then your inquiry about your balance details would be yours.


An actual visit to their store is not a bad idea. Especially if it is nearby.

  • On getting to the store, go directly to the cashier.
  • Tell the cashier what you need and they would in turn request your OffGamers Gift Card.
  • The cashier would do the needful (input the card details on their system) with your card.
  • They would then print out your balance in the form of a Remittal or they’d just tell you. 

With all said and done, I wish you luck in your quest for the balance of your OffGamers Gift Card.

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