HOW TO TRADE OFFGAMERS GIFT CARD FOR CASH: First off, I would like to elaborate that redeeming Gift Cards is different from selling them or trading them off. It is true that in most cases they are used interchangeably by a lot of enterprises that issue Gift cards but Target. Target, as we should know, only involves the redemption of gift cards in their stores. Authoritatively, for the trade of old unwanted Gift Cards, Target came up with a trade-in program and that was working well and legally for them. Redemption of Gift Card is the giving out of a particular gift card to the electronics department of the particular store to get cash out of it. Trading of your Gift Card is the exchange of your gift card in places other than a particular store or electronic department of the particular store. Gift Card trading is majorly carried out by online vendors that are trusted. Bottom line is, redemption is sure and legal. While trading can be risky and not so legal, especially with unauthorized online vendors.

Trading gift cards can occur when the particular store to redeem the particular gift card isn’t close by. As we would be discussing the trading of the OffGamers gift card.


OffGamers is a digital online game store that is popular and trusted. They use common and popular payment mechanisms like PayPal and credit cards. They deal in gift card transactions, cd keys, and game cards.

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As we all know, gift cards are used for purchases and transactions involving exchange. The OffGamers gift cards are issued by the OffGamers game company for customers to purchase freely.


It is a different thing to want to trade your OffGamers gift card. It is also a different thing knowing the balance on your OffGamers gift card. To avoid high hopes and possible embarrassment, you should check and know your balance before going to trade it.

Here are brief steps to this:

  • Call the customer care line. The call would be toll-free so worry not about charges. The number to call is +65 98628773
  • Visit the OffGamers website and click on check balance.
  • Go to a nearby OffGamers store. Speak with the cashier to check your gift card for you.

Most often than not, you would be asked to input some of your gift card details such as your card number, the card number (16 digits), security code, or expiry date. This information is there, on the body of the card.


The range at which you can purchase an OffGamers gift card is from $2 to $10000. A thing of joy is that you can trade your OffGamers gift card for cash. There are multiple platforms that you can visit to perform this action. A few of them are CardVest, CoinCola, and others. In all you do, ensure you are dealing with a known, trusted, and legally certified vendor; online or not.


  1. REGISTER: Whatever platform you’d choose, you have to register with them. This entails you opening an account with them. Not to stress, you can easily do this online or by using their app (if they have one). It includes for you to sign up and input a preferred password. Sometimes, it might be requested of you to register with your phone number. Click here to register an account
  2. TRADE SECTION: It is a common attribute of these websites to have a ‘trade section’. It is at this point you go to the part of the section that states ‘Gift cards’. You need to specify your deal, in this case, gift cards, before you can move on. These websites are created for business and trading. Surely, there would be other deals other than the gift cards.
  • MAKE YOUR OFFER: The OffGamers gift card is in your custody, what you need is cash. Therefore, just like a trader, you create an offer in the marketplace you’d see after selecting the ‘Create an Offer’ page, you then click sell. In any case, select cash since you want to get your pay in cash. Also, if you have a currency you prefer to get paid in, simply indicate in the list of countries and their currencies.
  • METHOD OF PAYMENT: Now, decide how you want to receive the cash. We are dealing with virtual gift cards here, so, it is possible there is a ‘label’ category, just choose e-codes. Bid whatever price you think your OffGamers gift card is worth.
  • POST: Finally, you set the terms of the deal. Set up a limit of transaction and payment time. If you are up to drafting a message to possible buyers on the page, you should go ahead. In your message, you should indicate ways for them to get through to you in case you won’t be available to reply when they contact you. Then, post.
  • The deed is done. Now that you have successfully created your order, you can relax and wait patiently till you get contacted by buyers. On Cardvest, once your trade is confirmed, you get payment for your gift cards instantly.


It is simple. In the case you have a certified gift card trade vendor nearby, do visit them and they would attend to you duly.

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