Trade Amazon gift cards instantly for Naira

Trade Amazon gift cards instantly for Naira

Trade Amazon gift cards instantly for Naira: An Amazon gift card is a prepaid voucher with an instant discount on products and categories. Amazon gift cards give you a variety of choices as you shop with the online retailer. In addition, these cards can be converted to an amazon pay balance, and you can use the cards to pay for mobile phone bills and other bills.

Trade Amazon gift cards instantly for Naira

Interestingly, many people are yet to know what gift cards are nor what they are used for. However, for some people that are into one business establishment or the other, the idea of Amazon gift cards can not be strange to them as some of them gift their employees Amazon gift cards. There’s a lot you can purchase using an Amazon gift card, and there’s no limit on what you can buy- from beauty/body fitness/gaming products to electronic products, etc. The list is just endless. 

The Amazon gift cards can be redeemed on the amazon web platform for any product available on Amazon. You can buy them on the Amazon platform and other retail platforms. It has a large daily limit which is very resourceful for large organizations.

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Why you should sell your amazon gift card at CardVest

Cardvest is a reliable company that trades in gift cards. Card vest has been in existence since 2016 and has been trading gift cards at profitable rates to clients in Nigeria and beyond. Card vest is Nigeria’s most profitable and customer-focused platform. We have a web platform with a relatable user design where every action is simplified so that first-time customers can engage the website conveniently with no difficulties.

With CardVest, the user experience begins on the website but continues with how the service is delivered. We have devoted considerable time and effort to research the major issues involved with trading gift cards. In our research, we found that customers also appreciated easy transactions and competitive rates. To provide its customers with the latest Chinese rates, Cardvest invests in providing a rate calculator that is continuously updated. Because Chinese exchange rates are used, trading with Cardvest gives you the best rates.

Rewarding employees and customers in the most pleasing way possible are imperative for companies. As a result, we have designed a strategy to assist these corporate entities in making bulk payments. For example, gift cards are being delivered quickly to employees thanks to a new system developed. Additionally, we offer standby customer service, where you can get immediate assistance. Our goal is to provide our customers with complete satisfaction.

Cardvest has become the best gift card company in Nigeria by establishing relationships with clients and maintaining brand loyalty. Using empathy and rewards, we have demonstrated how we understand human behavior. Because of this, we have developed a way to deliver gift cards promptly along with messages that resonate emotionally with our customers. Every transaction and referral are our priority.

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At CardVest, the gift card rate is updated automatically using the Chinese rates as standard to ensure that the best rate and quality service are provided. CardVest unarguably gives you the best service experience as they give you an easy, speedy, and hitch-free payment. Once your card is verified, you get paid INSTANTLY.

They will ensure you do not make mistakes when engaging in the transaction. Below are guidelines and instructions to trade your Amazon gift cards and make a smooth, quick, and easy transaction on CardVest:

  1. Create an account: In other to be able to trade and perform other functions, the very first thing that is required from you is to create an account on the platform. It has a Do-It-Yourself setup interface that allows you to create a personal account on the server.
  1. Select your gift card: To do this, you need to click on the rate icon on the home page. Then select the gift card you want to trade and the amount. Under category, select Amazon gift card. Then under gift card, select the type of card you want to sell. For example, USA Amazon cash receipt (50-100) or USA Amazon cash receipt 500 single, etc. Just enter your type of gift card. The rate calculator will automatically display the amount for your trade. Then click on ‘proceed to trade card.’ Meanwhile, you can specify if you want the fund sent to your local bank directly or saved in your CardVest wallet.
  1. Process your transaction: after selecting the Amazon gift card you wish to sell, you will be required to upload the image of your card to process your trade further. When that is done, you will be required to check the terms of trade for the policies involved with the gift card you want to trade. Click on ‘place order,’ and your gift card will be processed instantly.


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