– Visit the website or download the Cardvest app.

– On the homepage, select “Trade Now”. If you have an account, you will sign in. If you don’t have an account, you have to sign up with Cardvest.

– After signing in/up, your dashboard pops with your recent history on the Cardvest platform.

– Select “Sell Card”; Choose Steam in the field for “Gift Card Category”. In the field for Gift Card, select the kind of gift card you want to trade. There are about fifteen types of Steam gift cards you can sell on Cardvest.

– Enter the amount on the gift card you want to sell and drop the image of the gift card you want to sell.

– You can decide to receive your payment directly to your bank account by checking the box “Send Directly to my bank account”

– When you click on “Place Order” you have to wait for your card to be confirmed; it may take quite a while. After the confirmation of the card, your funds will be made available into any account you like.

– If you have not received your funds after 1-2 hours of confirmation, you should make a complaint.

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