i. Visit CardVest Official website or download the CardVest App

ii. Click on sign up to create an account if you don’t have an account. Input the necessary details to get your account created. Sign in with your correct login details if you have an existing account.

iii. You will be directed to a dashboard where you would add your bank details. Click on the navigation bar, then click on ‘wallet’. Click on ‘Add bank’. Select your bank name amongst the ones listed and type in your account number correctly. Your account name will automatically pop up. You can add more than one bank account if you want. Confirm this is done before you proceed to the next page. 

iv. On the navigation bar, click on ‘Trade’ to sell your AMEX gift card. Select AMEX gift card as the gift card you want to sell. Type in the gift card amount and proceed to upload a clear image of your American express (AMEX) gift card. Click on ‘Place Order’ as soon as you are done.

v. Once this is confirmed, your CardVest wallet will be credited. Proceed to withdraw to your bank account by clicking on the wallet icon. Input the amount you want to withdraw and your account will be credited immediately.

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