How much is a $500 google play gift card?

500 google play gift card

I500 google play gift card: f you own a Google play gift card and are confused about what to do with it, then this article is for you. Gift cards, in general, serve as a more flexible and safer alternative to the conventional means of payment. That is exactly what your Google play gift card does for you. It can be used to purchase software that includes books, music, games, movies, and apps from the Google PlayStore on android devices that supports Google. Even more, you can gain massively from the sales of your Google play gift card by trading it on the best gift card trading platform in Nigeria called CardVest trading platform.

The CardVest gift card exchange platform is the best because it provides security, fast transaction and allows their customers to make mouthwatering profits by selling at the best rates. The exchange rates of all the gift cards on CardVest are constantly updated to the current rates in the exchange market. You easily calculate the current rates of your gift cards on CardVest by using the rates calculator feature on the CardVest app or website.

The current price of a $500 Google play gift card is 175, 000 which is one of the best rates you can get in the exchange market today.

500 google play gift card

How much is a $50 Google play gift card in naira?

There’s a general misconception that the least price of gift cards in dollars is $100, but that’s not true. You can get gift cards for as low as $20 exchange them for cash on the CardVest trading platform. The current price of $100 Google play gift card on CardVest is 13,000 and 15,500 naira for ecode and physical gift cards, respectively.

How much is a $100 Google play gift card in naira

Have you been looking for a sign to trade with CardVest? This is the sign you need. You deserve to trade on a platform that guarantees the safety of your personal and card details, and CardVest offers security in its entirety. When you decide to trade with CardVest, you can put your mind at ease and trust CardVest not to disappoint you.

The price of your $100 Google play gift card on CardVest is 35,000 and 28,000 for both physical and ecode gift cards, respectively. Hurry now and log onto the CardVest online platform to get started or download the app from Google play and start trading with ease.

What is the difference between Google play physical gift cards and ecode gift cards?

The Google play physical gift card is as the name implies. It is a gift card that can be bought and sold at a physical store like CardVest and sold instantly for cash. The ecode, on the other hand, can only be purchased and sold online on gift card trading platforms. The good news is that CardVest is very flexible and accepts any form your card is presented. Kindly log onto the CardVest website to get started and trade your gift cards at the sweetest rates.

Can my Google play gift card expire? 

If you have a few gift cards and are not ready to sell yet because you want to go higher first, it’s okay to wait for a while. According to the federal credit card act of 2009, gift cards are only valid for the first five years after purchase. However, if you don’t use it within the first 12 months, a specific amount will be deducted from the card for inactivity fees. The truth is that you don’t need to wait for the rates to go up before you sell because CardVest sells at the best rates. All you have to do is sign up on CardVest and sell your gift cards for naira hassle-free.


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