How to buy and sell gift cards online in Nigeria

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buy and sell gift cards online in Nigeria: Today, in Nigeria, gift cards are gradually becoming the most lucrative business. If you are a novice and are confused about how to get around buying and selling gift cards, this article is for you. The first step is being enthusiastic, and you have already passed that step by finding this article. The next step is knowing how gift cards can be sold and bought using Nigeria’s best gift cards trading platform.

Gift cards are prepaid debit cards loaded with funds and can be used to purchase goods and services from retail stores that accept them. Several big brands worldwide accept gift cards as an alternative means of payment. Amazon, iTunes, Apple, Nordstrom, and several other brands have gift cards created explicitly for their goods.

Redeeming gift cards in the western world is relatively easy because most retail stores are located there. Sadly, it is not the same for Nigeria, which is why Nigerians usually sell their gift cards. You need a reliable, safe, and trustworthy gift card trading platform to sell gift cards in Nigeria.

In this vein, the trading platform you need is CardVest. CardVest is an embodiment of everything that you need in the perfect trading platform. It is pretty easy to get started and sell gift cards on the platform, as you would find in the latter part of this article.

Buy and sell gift cards online in Nigeria

buy and sell gift cards online in Nigeria Where to sell gift cards in Nigeria

Reasons to trade your gift cards on CardVest.

Nigerians sell their gift cards for naira to make a profit. That is why CardVest is intentional about ensuring that all their customers yield maximum profits by selling at the rates. You can trade your Amazon, iTunes, Steam, Sephora, Walmart, eBay, Onevanilla, Google play, Nordstrom, Amex gold, visa, Apple Store, Netflix, Nike, Razer Gold, Macy, Footlocker, Xbox, PlayStation, Saks, OffGamers, and Bloomdale gift cards at the best rates on CardVest. To keep up with the rates of different gift cards, use the CardVest rate calculator and get paid within minutes. Also, CardVest has the best customer services, is secured, and is a very easy-to-use platform. 

How to get started on CardVest

As we said earlier, getting started on CardVest is an effortless feat. All you need is a valid email address and phone number. Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Visit or download the mobile app from the Apple Store or Google PlayStore for ios and android, respectively.
  • Click on “Trade now.”
  • Input your preferred username.
  • Input a valid email address and phone number.
  • Please input your password and don’t share it for any reason.
  • Click on “I agree to the CardVest’s Privacy policy and terms of the agreement.
  • Click on create an account. If all the information you entered is correct, you are immediately directed to your personalized dashboard, where you can trade gift cards and get paid instantly.

How to trade gift cards on CardVest

After becoming an official member of CardVest, you can trade your gift cards on the website. Follow the steps below to sell your gift cards on CardVest.

  • Click on trade now to visit your dashboard on CardVest.
  • Select gift card category.
  • Select the type of gift card.
  • Input amount.
  • Click on “proceed to trade card.”
  • You’ll be directed to a page that requires you to input gift card details again.
  • Click on “send directly to my bank account.”
  • Upload gift card image.
  • Click on place order. Wait for a few minutes, and your account will be credited.

Frequently Asked Questions on CardVest

How much is a $100 iTunes gift card?

The current price of a $100 iTunes gift card is 35,000 naira. Calculate the current rates of your gift cards using the CardVest rates calculator.

How much is a $100 Amazon Gift card?

Presently, a $100 Amazon gift card is sold for 36,000 naira, and you can calculate the current rates of your gift cards using the rates calculator on CardVest.

How much is a $50 Apple Store gift card?

A $50 Apple Store gift card is currently sold for 17,000 naira. The current rates of your gift card can be calculated using the CardVest rate calculator.


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