How to find Chinese gift card vendors with the best rates

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Chinese gift card vendors with the best rates

Chinese gift card vendors with the best rates Best place to sell Gift cards in Nigeria SELL PLAYSTATION GIFT CARD FOR CASH

Chinese gift card vendors with the best rates: One of the reasons why Nigerians sell their gift cards is to make profits, and that is why Chinese gift card vendors are top-rated. Whether you are a gift card trading expert or enthusiast, you must have heard about Chinese vendors. If you have ever tried to sell gift cards in Nigeria, you can attest that Chinese gift card vendors have the best rates.

The truth is, finding a legit Chinese gift card vendor is quite difficult in Nigeria. That is why you need to look carefully before leaping into the gift card exchange market. To avoid getting scammed and ripped off your gift cards, here are three things to look out for when finding a legit Chinese gift card vendor.

Ensure that the gift card trading platform is managed by the Chinese

This is an essential factor to look out for when finding a Chinese gift card vendor. There are several gift card trading platforms in Nigeria today, but not all are legit or sell at reasonable rates. However, one platform called CardVest has been outstanding over the years and has strong ties with Chinese companies that trade gift cards. For this reason alone, CardVest sells gift cards at the highest rate, which is usually over 80% of the gift card’s face value. For example, the current price of a $100 Amazon gift card is 40,000 naira which is the highest you can find in the market today.

Use Chinese eCommerce platforms to shop online.

Another tip for finding legit Chinese gift card vendors in Nigeria is using Chinese eCommerce platforms. You can easily find lots of Chinese buyers and sell to them on these platforms. Some platforms to check out include, Dangdang, Vipshop, Amazon China, etc. The good news is that you can access those mentioned earlier with your Nigerian numbers. Or better still, to avoid stress, you can opt for the first option and exchange your gift cards for naira on CardVest.

Contacting the Chinese gift card vendor through social media

One of the most advantageous ways social media has served humanity is by connecting us online without physical meetings. You can harness this advantage by sending direct messages online via any social media platform that is convenient for you. For example, if you can get the Whatsapp number of a Chinese vendor, you can easily send the vendor a message and sell your gift cards. The only problem is getting their Whatsapp number might prove difficult because it’s personal information. However, you can search platforms like Quora, Twitter, or Facebook for their numbers because they drop on pages or groups.

Still, the most convenient option for Nigerians is option one. Yes! Use CardVest and enjoy mouthwatering profits. The platform is not faceless as you can find their social media footprints on Instagram and interact with them via direct messages.

Also, CardVest embodies all the necessary qualities of a good gift card exchange platform. They include; best rates, easy-to-use, rates calculator, security, speedy transactions, and responsive customer service. What are you waiting for? Hurry now to the CardVest online platform or download the mobile app on Google PlayStore for android and Apple Store for ios. To create an account on CardVest, kindly follow the process below.

  • Visit
  • Click on “Trade now.”
  • Input your preferred username.
  • Input a valid email address.
  • Input your Nigerian phone number.
  • Please input your password. It would be best never to share your password with anyone unless it is vital.
  • Click on “I agree to the CardVest’s Privacy policy and terms of the agreement.” By clicking the statement, you agree with our terms of trade and your rights are protected in the agreement.
  • Click on create an account. 

After creating your account, you become eligible for a CardVest wallet, and then you can go on to sell your gift cards.


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