How to sell iTunes gift cards for cash

What are the uses of iTunes gift cards in Nigeria?

uses of iTunes gift cards in Nigeria: Gift cards have continued to gain traction over the years because of their ease of use. There are over 1000 gift cards in the world, and iTunes gift cards are one of the most popular and most used. If you are a proud owner of any ios device, you must have heard of iTunes. iTunes is like any other gift card except that Apple inc created it. For the purchase of media, software, and any other digital services from the Apple Store.

Most users of Apple products are unaware of the differences between apple gift cards and iTunes gift cards. This might be because they are both issued by the same company. In this vein, it is essential that you know that they are different so that you don’t get cheated when selling since one has a higher price than the other.

The difference between Apple gift cards and iTunes gift cards is in the type of Apple products they can purchase. While Apple gift cards are used to purchase only physical products like iPhones, Macbooks, and iPads, iTunes gift cards are used to purchase only digital products, as mentioned earlier.

In Nigeria, iTunes gift cards can be redeemed via the iTunes website or sold for cash on an exchange platform like CardVest. The good news is that your iTunes gift card doesn’t expire, and CardVest is always available to help you make the best profits whenever you are ready to sell.

How to redeem your iTunes gift card? – uses of iTunes gift cards in Nigeria 

uses of iTunes gift cards in Nigeria 200 iTunes e-codes in Naira

It is very easy to redeem your gift cards online. Follow the steps below to redeem your iTunes gift card.

  • Visit the iTunes store. To have complete access to the store, you must create an Apple ID.
  • If you own a physical gift card, turn the back, scratch off the section above the barcode, and you will see a 16-digit numeric code.
  • Click on the “accounts” menu on the iTunes website.
  • Click on “Redeem.”
  • You will be offered two options on the redeem code page, depending on how you want your account to be credited.
  • Enter the 16-digits code and click on “redeem” to redeem.

Why should you use CardVest?

CardVest is the No. 1 gift card trading platform in Nigeria. By selling at the best rates, performing speedy transactions, and paying customers’ referral fees, CardVest has managed to win the hearts of many Nigerians. CardVest is a very flexible website and supports the sales of many gift cards, including Amazon, iTunes, Steam, Sephora, Walmart, eBay, OneVanilla, GooglePlay, and Nordstrom Amex Gold, Visa, Apple Store, Netflix, Nike, Footlocker, and so on.

CardVest uses high-level security architecture to protect the details of all their customers. The platform will never trivialize your rights as a user as they are protected in their privacy policy and terms and condition.

In addition, CardVest is a customer-oriented platform, and that is why the platform is easy to use and doesn’t require any third-party assistance. All you need to do now is log in to the CardVest website and follow the step-by-step processes below to get started.

  • Visit or download the mobile app from Google PlayStore or Apple Store.
  • Click on “Trade now.”
  • Input your preferred username.
  • Input a valid email address and phone number.
  • Input your password.
  • Click on “I agree to the CardVest’s Privacy policy and terms of the agreement.” By clicking the statement, you agree with our terms of trade and your rights are protected in the agreement.
  • Click on create an account. 

If all details you entered are valid, you immediately become an official member of CardVest and become eligible for the CardVest wallet. After creating your account, follow the steps below to sell your iTunes gift cards.

  1. Click on trade now to visit your dashboard on CardVest.
  2. Select “iTunes” in the gift card category.
  3. Select the type of iTunes gift card.
  4. Input the value of iTunes gift cards in dollars.
  5. Click on “proceed to trade card.”
  6. Click on “send directly to my bank account.”
  7. Upload gift card image.
  8. Click on place order. Wait for a few minutes, and your CardVest wallet will be credited. You can withdraw the funds to your local bank account at any time.

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