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Best gift card trading app in Nigeria: The world of technology has modified websites to integrate more mobile interfaces to create mobile applications. While many apps in Nigeria allow you to purchase and sell gift cards quickly, this article will discuss the best gift card trading app in Nigeria.

What is a gift card?

Before going into the intricate details about the best gift card trading app and what makes it the best, we need to understand what gift cards are. A gift card is a prepaid debit card that has been loaded with funds to make purchases or pay for other expenses. It is common to give them gifts or rewards to friends and family members.

Gift cards can be divided into two types:

  • Closed-Loop Gift Cards
  • Open Loop Gift Cards

Retailers often sell gift cards with a closed-loop. With this gift card, cardholders can purchase anything from that retailer. They usually cannot be reloaded. The gift card can only be used once. The card cannot be used again upon spending money from a closed-loop card. In closing, a closed-loop card can come with an expiration date, in which case the funds must be used within a limited timeframe. The best use of closed-loop cards is for baby registries, weddings, and bonus certificates.

Best gift card trading app in Nigeria

Like debit or credit cards, Open-Loop gift cards are usable everywhere the card is accepted. With an open-loop gift card, the consumer can add funds at will, allowing them to reload the card at any time. They can also be reloaded with cash.

Gift cards can be used to replace cash and be redeemed to purchase a product. If a gift card is redeemed, it is used to pay for products or services at a store or merchant that accepts the card. The following are some ways you can use a gift card. 

  • Cardholders can use gift cards at retail stores, restaurants, gas stations, and other locations. 
  • Gift cards can be regifted, sold, donated, or exchanged for instant cash (Nigerian Naira) if you do not wish to use them to purchase items.
  • Your gift cards can also be used online or in-store at your shop. Your gift cards may also allow you to withdraw cash from ATMs. Consumers only have access to the facility if their gift card is open-loop.

Physical vs. digital gift cards

There are two forms of gift cards. The first is physical, while the second is digital.

Physical gift cards are gift cards that the recipient can hold. They are tangible, i.e., they have a physical form, and they are often made of plastic. 

The physical gift card is the most popular type in Nigeria, but physical gift cards could soon become obsolete as the world moves toward more digital gadgets.

On the other hand, a digital gift card doesn’t have any physical form; rather, it is a code that you are assigned. Each gift cardholder has its code to redeem gifts, make purchases, and redeem them. Many restaurants offer physical and digital gift cards.

What is the best app to sell gift cards in Nigeria by 2022?

Best gift card trading app in Nigeria How Much Is $200 eBay Gift Card In Naira?

In today’s world, there are so many gift card trading apps. We understand why gift cardholders may still be skeptical about selling gift cards or confused about the best app for trading gift cards. If people use the wrong app, they can encounter challenges when exchanging a gift card for cash. Some of these challenges include:

  • Changing at a very low rate or price
  • Dealing with fake, phony vendors and losing money

So the main question is, where and how can I exchange my gift card for naira instantly without getting scammed and still get the best prices? The answer is simple, CardVest. Among the top gift card trading apps for 2022, CardVest mobile app stands out.

The distinguishing feature of this app is its:

  • Fast payment service
  • Ease of doing business
  • A high degree of versatility
  • Offers the best rates
  • The reliability of the service

The CardVest mobile app is unlike its other competitors. It is equipped with an amazing and interactive user interface. In addition, it has a sleek user experience that easily navigates the application. With CardVest’s mobile app, you are guaranteed the best rates as the server works round the clock to keep the rate calculator updated on par with Chinese rates. 

CardVest’s mobile apps are integrated with a 24/7 customer care feed where you can easily contact the company if you need our administrative help. With this, users don’t need to worry about the integrity of the platform, nor do they have to be worried about being underpaid as they will be getting the best rates in the world. 

The CardVest app is available on Play stores for  Android devices and on the Apple play store for iOS devices.



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