How to sell gift cards for Cedis

SELL GIFT CARDS INSTANTLY FOR CASH: It is now common knowledge that gift cards can be exchanged for cash in Nigeria. First, let’s understand what gift cards are, how they can be obtained, and how to sell your gift card in Nigeria.


Basically, these are preloaded value store cards that retailers give to customers as an alternative to cash in exchange for services rendered or goods purchased online or offline. Retailers such as Amazon, Google, etc. give them out during promotions or as gifts. Getting a gift card online is also possible – by completing tasks, taking part in surveys, or paying for them.

It is also common for friends to give you gift cards as presents.
Gift cards can be used as a payment method to purchase items, pay for services, or trade for cash which is quite popular in Nigeria. There are two types of gift cards – an open-loop card (which can be used anywhere the brand of the card is recognized) and a closed-loop card (which can only be used in the store where the issuer sells the gifts).

There will be a minimum and maximum amount that can be loaded onto most gift cards. It might be that there is a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $500. The use of gift cards can be used for a portion of a purchase, with cash, debit or credit being used to balance the purchase. In an effort to mitigate the risk of loss, many gift cards can also be registered online, which allows the remaining balance to be tracked and blocked if a card is lost. As a result, some gift cards are safer than cash.



The market for gift cards is so crowded, with so many fake promises. Therefore, it makes sense that people with gift cards are afraid to sell them or are unsure of where to sell them.

Trying to exchange your gift card for cash may present some challenges, including:
 Dealing with fake vendors and losing money
 Exchanging at low rates

Obviously, the first question is, where do I exchange my gift card without having it stolen by scammers while still receiving the best rate? The answer is

Over the years Cardvest have served a large number of Nigerians. Achieving 5-star ratings for efficient gift card trading services.
In addition to the user experience that is offered on CardVest’s website, it is also the manner in which its services are delivered that is cutting edge. At Cardvest, we have done extensive research on the major issues associated with trading with gift card companies.

Thus, we have found that aside from the ease of transactions, customers value the opportunity to buy or sell at the best price available. Cardvest has invested in developing a rate calculator constantly updated with the Chinese rates based on this fundamental information. Trading with cardvest means that you get the best possible rate in the country because you use Chinese rates.

Our commitment to brand loyalty and client retention has helped Cardvest establish itself as the best gift card company in Nigeria. Human behaviour can be understood and influenced through empathy and encouragement. This is why we have developed a structure for conveying messages that stir an emotional attachment to the brand when we deliver our gift cards. Our past reviews with individuals and corporate entities will provide you with further confirmation.

Nigeria’s leading gift card is CardVest. With a flexible structure that can cater to various situations, it has been tested and proven to deliver the best service.

You can opt for either a website or a mobile application. When you have registered, you can click the start trading button on your user dashboard after entering valid details. If you want to ask for a rate or trade your gift cards instantly, the website automatically redirects you to a chat window where you can do so. Trading takes less than 10 minutes and payment is very much instant.


  1. Following are the steps for withdrawing money from your Gifts Cards wallet;
  2. Create a user account with
  3. Click on your dashboard
  4. Then click withdraw funds.
  5. Choose how much you want to withdraw and enter the details of the bank account to receive the money. In less than 10 minutes after withdrawing funds, the funds reflect in your bank account.
    Payments are almost instantly processed. Once your card is verified and redeemed, a cash equivalent is paid to you in minutes. Fast payments are definitely the hallmark of our platforms.

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