How to sell gift cards for Cedis

How to sell gift cards for Cedis: Ghana is a place of many opportunities, and where prospects are, the need for some other services arises. The case is not different when it comes to gift card trading. Most gift card holders would rather have them converted to cash than use them to purchase authorized products and services. Thus, the need for a gift card trading platform.

Gift card trading platforms are websites and apps that allow traders to sell various gift cards for cash in Ghana. There are many platforms where you can sell gift cards, but the best of them offer unique features. Cardvest is one very fine option when looking for the best gift card trading platform in Ghana.

How to sell gift cards for Cedis

Cardvest offers some of the best rates to trade gift cards and does it even swiftly. More than knowing the best platform to trade gift cards, traders must also learn how to trade their gift cards for cedis in this space. Not because the process is complex, but a piece of first-hand information is always a blessing.

To trade gift cards on Cardvest, you can use either the web version or download the mobile app on your device. Using the web version is pretty similar to the mobile app. Therefore, regardless of the one you choose to use, you will very well catch up and understand the steps. In the following easy steps, you will learn how to sell your first gift card for Cedis on Cardvest:

How to sell gift cards for Cedis
  1. Visit for the web version or search for “Cardvest” on your mobile app store for those using the app. The Cardvest mobile app is available both on IOS and Google Play Store.
  2. Sign up with the required details if you do not already own an account with Cardvest.
  3. Log in to the account you just created or your existing account (if you already own an account before now).
  4. A dashboard that shows your wallet balance, an interface to sell a gift card, bank details, and more should display. Select the gift card you want to sell (e.g. Amazon, iTunes, eBay, Walmart, Sephora, etc.)
  5. Enter the amount stacked on your gift card (i.e. the amount on the card you want to sell)
  6. Provide the gift card code and other details as requested. At this stage, you should have already seen the rate you will be getting for selling your gift card. So, you can still back off if you are not interested, but I bet you will not do that because it is the sweetest there is.
  7. Fill in your bank detail to which you want to receive funds. Ensure that these details are correct and error-free.
  8. Proceed and wait for a few minutes for the system to validate and confirm your card details. Before, during, and after this process, traders are at liberty to chat up the customer support and discuss whatever difficulty they may be having with their trading.
  9. After this stage is completed, your funds will be transferred to your preferred payment method as afore-stated.

Mobile users can click their preferred app store below to download the Cardvest app and start trading instantly.

Cardvest on Google Play Store for Android

Cardvest on Apple Store for IOS

Gift card rate calculator

 Cardvest offers a gift card rate calculator that helps you know how much you can get for selling your various gift card. You can explore that option even without signing up on Cardvest. It is free for all.

How to use the gift card rate calculator

  1. Visit or download the mobile app on Google Play Store or Apple Appstore.
  2. On the home page, you will see the “trade now” and “check rates” buttons. Select “check rate” to enter the rate calculator page.
  3. After entering the rate calculator page, select the type of gift card whose rate you want to check.
  4. Select the category of the gift card if the need be.
  5. Enter the amount in USD.
  6. Immediately, the gift card calculator will display how much you will get if you trade the inputted amount of the selected gift card for your local currency.

You can then click “proceed to trade card” if you are ready to do so. If you only want to see the different rates and check back later, be our guest. Using this feature is free and easy to use on Cardvest.

Talk to our customer support team

Cardvest in all out to see that your demands are met quickly and professionally. We have dedicated a customer support team that will respond to any question, issue, or demand immediately our traders message us.

To chat with the customer support team, click the chat icon on the right bottom of your screen (whether app or website). A chat box will show, type your message and register your identity with your email address. Immediately, a customer representative will reply to your message, and you can get talking from there.


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