The best platform to trade gift cards in Ghana

platform to trade gift cards in Ghana: Under standard conventions and precepts, gift cards are traded and redeemed for products and services as the card issuer may allow them. 

As far as redeeming gift cards go, an amazon gift card can only be redeemed on physical Amazon stores or Amazon online webspace. The same goes for every other popular gift card traded online or conventionally.

This poses a problem to those who do not wish to redeem their cards on the authorized platforms. In Africa, several sites and apps are devoted to making this problem history. Even some vendors sell and exchange gift cards for cash and other valuables on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

platform to trade gift cards in Ghana

 This extent of popularity that gift card trading now gains in Africa today leaves gift card traders with the fear of uncertainty. “Whether or not they will get their funds,” “at what rate will the gift card trade go for,” “how long it will take to receive funds for traded gift cards,” and more. These questions can get answers from the best trading platform(s).

If you have a gift card that you are looking to trade for Ghana cedis, you are at the right place. Cardvest is Ghana’s most trusted gift card trading platform. You literally can sell any gift card for instant cash with Cardvest. Below are the reasons why we say Cardvest is the best there is:

platform to trade gift cards in Ghana

 Wide Trading coverage

Selling your gift card for cedis on Cardvest leaves the trader with a wide range of tradable gift cards. Most platforms only offer gift card trading for the most popular gift cards like Amazon, iTunes, and eBay. With Cardvest, you are certainly leaving no stone unturned.

Walmart, Nike, JC Penny, Steam, Xbox, Google Play, Nordstrom, Visa, Sephora, and One Vanilla are only a few to mention amongst the ton of varieties that you can sell with Cardvest. You can check this out quickly by simply going on the Cardvest website or downloading the Cardvest App.

24/7 Customer Support

If you are a new trader looking to avoid the sinkholes of trading gift cards, Cardvest is a great fit for you. Should you be scared of making a mistake or having issues while trading, our all-around-the-clock customer support is steadily available to take your complaints and resolve them in no time.

Sometimes, even existing traders may need help clarifying some issues with updates and rates. With Cardvest, help does not just come on the way, help is available at all times. To contact customer support, you could use the chatbox in the lower right area of your homepage, send a text, and get an immediate reply. You can also google “Cardvest,” scroll down, and you will see the “contact” section where you can send a message.

Here at Cardvest, customer pampering is our thing. We hate to waste your time, so our customer service is a speed dial and speed-answer area.

Best rates

Beyond the top-notch customer service and wide coverage, another very important feature to any gift card trader is making a profit. In this area, Cardvest has served Ghanaians with mouth-watering rates for all gift cards traded on the platform.

If you wish to know how much cedis you can get for selling a $100 iTunes gift card, simply sign up with Cardvest for free and see how much good we are offering to you.

Easy-to-use User Interface

When considering a trading platform to sell your gift card, a crucial question you must ask yourself is if the platform is easy to use. The trading interface that Cardvest provides is like ABC. You need no prior knowledge of trading gift cards to trade successfully on this platform.

Fast transaction

Best rates and easy use of the platform is good, but what good is it if the card is not quickly validated and funds are not transferred swiftly. If you need a platform that offers you instant cash for selling your gift card, make Cardvest your GOTO platform. We make your trading happen in minutes.

Secure platform

The security of your personal and financial information is crucial and Cardvest is invested in ensuring that they remain safe. is SSL certified, and this means that the information you put on this site remains impenetrable to a third party. With the Secure socket layer on our site, all your transactions are free from information theft and internet fraud.

Highly responsive servers

In gift card trading, speed is everything. A slow website can be a red flag for traders. is hosted on lite-servers that guarantee 99.99% uptime and are 10X faster than the regular Apache servers.

All contents on our platform are well optimized to give you the best user experience you can get in Ghana. When trading on this platform, you do not have to worry about server downtime at all. We are always online to take your trades.

Today, you can decide to take your gift card trading to the next level. Simply sign up now and sell your first gift card for Cedis.

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