How to sell Bloomingdale gift cards for Naira


sell Blosell Bloomingdale gift cards for Naira: Bloomingdale’s Inc. is an American departmental chain store that specializes in selling luxury items like cosmetics, shoes, clothes, and other wear and accessories. To encourage high sales and improve customer satisfaction, stores like this usually offer what is known to be a “Gift Card.” With this, customers can budget money for their store, buy a gift for a friend, and send it as a money card on special occasions for friends and loved ones.

What is a gift card?

Gift cards are preloaded money cards issued by retail stores, banks, or financial service solutions. They aid easy payment process and gift-giving. For many people, gift cards have served as a substitute for buying a physical gift at a physical or online store. Buying a physical gift comes with several downsides that one would easily elude with the option of a gift card.

sell Bloomingdale gift cards for Naira

The problems of choosing the right color, size, or even brand will go out of the question when using a gift card. All the gift giver must now know is the right brand to patronize. If the recipient appreciates beauty items like those that Bloomingdale’s sells, then a Bloomingdale gift card will be a fine option. If the recipient’s preference suits more to gaming, an Xbox or steam gift card will be great.

Bloomingdale’s Gift card

Other similar stores like Walmart, Walgreens, and Sephora offer gift cards to assist their customers to make easy purchases and encourage gifting. The case is not different for Bloomingdale’s.

Bloomingdale’s offers both physical and digital gift cards. These digital gift cards are usually called e-gift cards. They are also money cards, and they carry value the same as the physical gift cards. Bloomingdale’s gift cards are ranked in several denominations. People can buy from $10 to$1,000 worth of Bloomingdale’s gift cards.

People can buy for themselves or even buy and send to a friend. Merely checking on google, there are many websites where you can purchase a Bloomingdale gift card. Just surf through and find the platform that suits you well.

How do I redeem my Bloomingdale gift card?

sell Bloomingdale’s gift cards for Naira

Bloomingdale gift cards are redeemable at the Bloomingdale store. Since it is a retail store, the gift cards are only redeemable at their stores. These gift cards do not expire, and they are very secure so long the codes are not exposed to a third party. Cardholders can also check their balance and contact Bloomingdale’s customer service to complain if they have to.

Can I redeem my Bloomingdale gift card for Cash?

Yes, but not from Bloomingdale’s themselves. Gift cards are only redeemable for products and services. However, third-party platforms like Cardvest gives gift card holders the offer to sell their gift card for Naira. Here on Cardvest, we offer gift card redemption for Naira at awesome rates and even provide information on how to trade gift cards on this platform.

How to sell Bloomingdale’s gift card in Nigeria

On Cardvest, gift card traders can either use the mobile app or the website. Whichever one you choose, it works fine and the same. For the mobile, it is available both on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The steps below show a clear roadmap to how you can sell a Bloomingdale’s gift card for Naira:

  1. Visit on a browser for website users. The mobile app users can search “cardvest” on their app store or use the link below:

Cardvest app on Google Play Store for Android

Cardvest app on Apple Store for IOS

  1. After the download and installation are complete, you can go on to create your account with a few details. Just locate “sign up” on the screen or click “trade now” and it will refer you to the “register” page.
  2. Log in to the account after you have successfully created one.
  3. On your dashboard that will show next on your screen, locate the trading section amongst others. You can also select “sell gift card” if that works well for you.
  4. Select the gift card you want to sell. In this case, you should select “Bloomingdale.” Select the sub-category if necessary and add the amount.
  5. The exchange rate will be right after this, as the gift card calculator will automatically provide this. Note: Ensure that the card amount is entered in USD. The gift card calculator will provide the equivalent in Naira.
  6. If you are okay with all that you have selected, you can move to trade by adding the card number or card image as may be required. This is to show proof of possession and for card verification.
  7. Also, ensure you have your correct bank details entered in the area provided.
  8. Verification only takes a very few minutes, after which payment for the exchange will be made to your preferred payment destination immediately. Traders can always chat up the customer support for anything as it may concern trading or how to trade.

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