How much is 100 dollars iTunes gift card in cedis

Itunes Card In Ghana Cedis

100 dollars iTunes gift card in cedis: iTunes gift cards are one of the world’s most popular gift cards and they are issued by Apple Inc. They are used to purchase digital content like music, books, and apps on the iTunes store. iTunes gift cards are made for Apple users as they only work on Apple devices.

Knowing how you can get for selling an iTunes gift card online could be in several ways. Firstly, the gift card trading platform you choose to use is a leading factor, as different platforms have different rates. iTunes gift cards are common, so the rate for trading them is relatively higher compared to others. They are some of the most profitable gift cards to sell for cash in Ghana and the world generally.

100 dollars iTunes gift card in cedis

Another very salient factor that determines how much Ghana cedis you can get for an iTunes gift card is the category of the gift card. On Cardvest, trading iTunes gift cards is in several categories based on location. One of these categories is iTunes EURO/CHF; this is for iTunes gift cards that are issued in Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and a few others. This category is one of the categories on the average trading rate, not too high, not and not too low, but very reasonable. It is usually traded at the same rate with the iTunes/Apple USA ecodes.

iTunes UK physical gift card is one of those with the highest trading rates on Cardvest. As opposed to the iTunes Australian physical gift card which is traded at a rather lower rate, the UK physical iTunes is a very profitable one. Other categories include iTunes/Apple USA physical and iTunes USA for petty units of gift card funds ($20, $30, $50, and more). With Cardvest, you can remain assured that you are getting the best off profit and kingly treated trading experience.

100 dollars iTunes gift card in cedis uses of iTunes gift cards in Nigeria 200 iTunes e-codes in Naira

How do I know the category of my gift card?

The category of your gift card is well always on your gift card. It is usually based on the location (country) where the gift card was purchased and the nature of the gift card (physical or virtual codes). Carefully check on your card to know the category your gift card falls into.

What are physical and virtual gift cards?

Gift cards are generally categorized into two different categories; physical and virtual gift cards. The categorization is similar to that of the regular debit and credit cards we use. Physical gift cards are those that we can feel, touch, and hand to a person physically. They are like the physical debit and credit cards that we use with the ATM and POS stores. One can purchase physical gift cards on both online platforms and regular stores. If purchased online, they can be delivered to your physical mailing address and handed to the purchaser.

On the other hand, virtual gift cards are gift card variants that are not touchable or physical. They are mere codes that one could use to make payments for products and services on accepted platforms. Virtual gift cards are otherwise called ecodes or e-gift cards. They are usually purchased online since there is no need for physical contact during and after the transaction. When you buy a virtual code, the code will be delivered to your email address, from where you can view and enter your code whenever you want to redeem it for products, services, or cash.

Why sell iTunes gift cards for cash with Cardvest?

Since gift cards are not redeemable for cash on the iTunes store or other Apple platforms, there is the need for a trusted gift card trading platform to sell your gift card. There is no point holding your funds in a gift card, waiting for when you will redeem it to buy some music, books, and whatever the iTunes store offers for sale. You can sell them and have your cash sent to your local bank immediately without questions.

Cardvest provides you with an impeccable touch of excellence with several outstanding features. To start trading with cardvest, simply visit, register your account, and trade your first gift card for cash.

How to calculate the rate for my iTunes gift card in cedis

Cardvest makes the entire gift card trading process a smooth ride all the way. To check the rate for selling your gift cards in cedis, you only have to visit the gift card calculator. The gift card rate calculator is preloaded with all the details of tradable gift card options and calculates the amounts receivable based on the parameters you input. Use the following easy steps to check for the rate of any gift card:

  1. Visit 
  2. Click on check rates
  3. Select your gift card and the category
  4. Enter the amount in USD
  5. The rate calculator will display the gift card equivalent in your local currency.

If you can not find the category of your gift card or you need help while checking, contact customer support. The chatbox on the lower right part of the screen connects you to a customer care representative that will answer all your questions professionally.


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