SELL GIFTCARDS FOR CEDIES: Gift cards are prepaid debit cards that contain a specified amount of money for use in a variety of ways. Prepaid gift cards, on the other hand, are not affiliated with any specific merchant and allow users to withdraw cash at automated teller machines (ATMs).


Essentially, these are preloaded value store cards that retailers give to customers in lieu of cash in exchange for services rendered or goods purchased online or off. Retailers such as Amazon, Google, etc, offer them as freebies or as gifts during promotions. The possibility of obtaining a gift card online also exists – you can complete tasks, complete surveys, or pay for them. Gift cards are also often given as gifts by friends.


The gift cards can be used to purchase products, to pay for services, or to trade for cash, and they’re quite popular. Gift cards can be classified into two types: open-loop cards (that can be used anyplace where the brand is known) and closed-loop cards (that can only be used in the store where the gift is sold).

In most cases, there will be a minimum and maximum amount that can be loaded onto a gift card. The minimum and maximum might be $10 and $500, respectively. The use of gift cards can be used for part of a purchase with cash, debit card, or credit card to balance it out. Several gift cards can be registered online to assist in reducing the risk of loss and allow the remaining balance to be tracked if the card is lost. This allows some gift cards to be safer than cash.  


SELL GIFTCARDS FOR CEDIES sell iTunes gift cards for Cedis platform to trade gift cards in Ghana

Gift cards are assigned a number (similar to an account number) that is encoded on both the magnetic stripe as well as a number that is either printed above or below the magnetic stripe.  Human readable numbers are printed so the cashier can manually enter the numbers in case the magnetic stripe malfunctions.


The market for gift cards is so crowded, and so many promises are made. Due to this reason, it makes sense that people with gift cards are hesitant to sell them or don’t know where to sell them.

There are some challenges associated with exchanging your gift card for cash, such as:

  • losing money by doing business with fake vendors,
  •  exchanging at low rates.

First of all, where can I exchange my gift card without risking having it stolen by scammers, yet still receive the most competitive rate? The answer is


Over the years, Cardvest has served a large number of Ghanaians. It has earned five-star ratings for providing accurate gift card trading services.

CardVest’s website not only offers a cutting-edge user experience but also delivers the service in an innovative manner. The Cardvest team has conducted extensive research on the problems associated with trading gift cards. We have found that customers value the ability to buy or sell at the best possible price even more than the ease of transactions. According to this basic information, Cardvest has developed a rate calculator constantly updated with Chinese exchange rates. With Cardvest, you can take advantage of the best possible rate in the country because the company uses Chinese rates.

By focusing on brand loyalty and client retention, Cardvest has built a reputation as the best gift card company in Ghana. Empathy and encouragement are effective methods of understanding and influencing human behaviour. In order to achieve this, we have developed a system to communicate messages that stir an emotional attachment to our brand when we deliver our gift cards. A look at our past reviews with private and corporate customers will confirm this.

CardVest is the most popular gift card in Ghana. Having a structure that can adapt to a wide range of situations, it has proven to deliver the best results.

How to tradw with Cardvest

Depending on your needs, you can choose a website or a mobile application. Once you have registered, you can click the start trading button on your user dashboard after entering valid details. Whenever you want to inquire about a rate or trade your gift cards, the website automatically directs you to a chat window with the appropriate information. You can trade-in under 10 minutes and receive payment right away.

  1. You have to create an account with

2.      Navigate to your dashboard

3.      Select the gift card you want to trade.

4. Select the currency you want your payment made in (Cedis)

5.      Input the details of the bank account where the money will be deposited and how much you want to withdraw. Your bank account receives the funds less than 10 minutes after the withdrawal.


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