GOOGLE PLAY GIFT CARD FOR CEDIS: Do you own a google play gift card in Ghana? Are you thinking about selling it for Cedis but confused on how to go about it? Worry no more as this article gives you a detailed guide on selling your Google play gift card for Cedis. It does not stop there as it goes ahead to inform you of the best platform you can sell your Google Play gift card on without ending up losing your card or being scammed.


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When you trade our gift card for cash, it means you are selling off the gift card you received somewhere or from someone.  

What is a gift card?

A gift card contains a defined amount of money used to make any purchase or for some other related purpose. It can be given as gifts during celebratory occasions also holiday seasons like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Gift cards are usually of two kinds: Store and Cash cards.

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If you have a cash card with you, it can be the same as carrying cash because you can use it anywhere a credit card is accepted. However, if you have a store card, it can only be used to make purchases from the store that issued it. Google Play gift card is a perfect example of a store card. 

What is Google Play?

Google Play is the official app store by Google for Android games, apps, movies, eBooks, and music. It has a Play Store app that you can use to download whatever you need from Google’s app store to your device directly. You can also send various contents directly to your Android device from the Google Play website. 

Google Play gift cards: What are they?

The gift cards issued by Google are Google Play gift cards. You can use them to pay for content in the Google Play Store like games, apps, movies, music, and books. They can be physical cards delivered to you at their stores or through the mailbox or e-cards in the form of an eCode delivered to you through your email. 

How to sell Google Play gift cards for Cedis

The most profitable, reliable, and customer-focused platform to sell Google Play gift cards in Ghana is Cardvest. It avails you the opportunity to sell your prepaid, non-reloadable, and unused Google Play gift card at the best rates. It doesn’t stop at Google Play gift cards but also has a vast range of exchange coverage. You can trade your iTunes, Vanilla, Amazon, Netflix gift cards, and more. Since its establishment, it has been known to cater to the needs of Ghanian gift card traders at the highest rate and within a maximum of 5 minutes. 

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If you have a Google Play gift card in Ghana and you want to sell it for Cedi’s, you’ll have to visit the Cardvest website @ or download the Cardvest app on google play store or apple play store depending on which is compatible with your phone.

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Then, follow these simple steps to sell your Google Play gift cards at the best possible rate in Ghana:

  1. Visit the website and click ‘Trade Now’ or open the app on your phone
  2. If you are a new user, you’ll need to create an account but for existing users, simply login
  3. On the app, follow the yellow arrow that points to “wallet” on the navigation bar to add your bank account and confirm your details. If you’re using the website, it’s obvious on the site
  4. Click trade and in the field requesting for ‘Gift card’, enter Google Play Store and then the category of the gift card in the sub-category.
  5. Enter the amount of the Google Play store gift card you want to sell, upload the image or enter the code of the card and click on “Place Order”.

It is that simple to sell your Google Play Store card for cash. After placing your order, you’ll be notified immediately that your trade is successful. After about 3-5 minutes, your trade will be confirmed and your payment will be made immediately to your Cardvest wallet. From your wallet, you can withdraw the money you need to your bank account.

The Rates of Google Play gift cards in Ghana

Cardvest has a gift card rate calculator through which you can use to calculate the current rate of your Google Play gift card and any other gift cards you wish to sell.

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It has made available the safest and fastest way to sell your gift cards without stress through a three-step gift card trading process upon creating an account

  1. Check the current rates using the rate calculator
  2. Upload your gift card and place an order
  3. Withdraw your funds

Cardvest offers the best rates which are auto-updated with the Chinese rates and immediate transactions.


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