SEPHORA GIFT CARDS IN GHANA: Among the leading beauty retailers in the world, Sephora offers gift cards called Sephora Gift Cards. Gift cards with pre-loaded monetary values are available in plastic or digital format (also known as E-Gift cards). You can redeem gift cards for beauty products at Sephora, including skincare, makeup, and fragrances. Similar to gift cards sold by other retailers, it is available both online and in Sephora stores nationwide.



What is a gift card?

A gift card can be purchased on and redeemed at any Sephora location or online at Also, you can use the card to purchase bitcoins from one of the sellers listed on Sephora Gift Card’s website. You could also benefit from selling your Sephora Gift Card balance by creating your offer.

This season is a popular time to buy and sell gift cards online, and it has created waves. Ignoring this trend would be a mistake. 

It is widely known that Ghanans are unfamiliar with making online payments with gift cards. You can also exchange your card for cash and use the money for something else instead of trading online. Some individuals have instead developed a highly effective online marketplace that allows you to sell your gift cards quickly and hassle-free. 

To sell your Sephora Gift card for Cedis, you’ll have to either visit the Cardvest website at or download the Cardvest app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, depending on your phone. 

Types of gift cards

  1. Cash Cards: they can be used everywhere, and are sponsored by companies like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. One of the biggest advantages of using these cards is that they are accepted almost anywhere credit cards are accepted. Like carrying cash, these cards can be used to pay bills as well. In addition to these disadvantages, cash cards lack the personal touch of gift cards, making them less likely to be appreciated as gifts. Essentially, they are a replacement for cash, so they are not suitable as gifts for close friends, although your recipient will enjoy them.

2. Store Cards: they are designed to be used only at specific retailers. Macy’s, Banana Republic, Victoria’s Secret, and Sephora, among others, are examples. Using this card gives you the chance to give more personal gifts. Nevertheless, the expiration date of this type of card is one to be cautious of.

How to sell Sephora gift cards for Cedis

In Ghana, Cardvest is the most profitable, reliable, and customer-focused platform for selling Sephora gift cards. We offer the cheapest prices for your unused Sephora prepaid, non-reloadable, and reloadable gift cards. Not only does it cover Sephora gift cards, but it also offers a vast range of exchange options. There are a lot of gift cards you can exchange, including iTunes, Vanilla, Amazon, and Netflix gift cards. As soon as it was established, it has become known to serve the wants of Ghanaian gift card traders at the highest rate and within a maximum of five minutes. 

image 12

Here are the steps you need to take to sell your Sephora gift cards at the best rate in Ghana:

  • Simply click ‘Trade Now’ on the website or download the app to your smartphone
  • To register as a new user, please create an account, but for existing users, please log in.
  • Adding your bank account and verifying your details can be done within the app by following the yellow arrow that points to “wallet” on the navigation bar. If you are using the website, it is also clear.
  • In the field asking for a gift card, enter the name of the Google Play Store gift card and then the sub-category of the gift card.
  • Put in the amount of the Sephora gift card you want to sell, upload the image or enter the code, and click on “Place Order”.

It is that simple to sell your Sephora card for cedis. When your order has been successful, we will notify you immediately. You will receive your payment to your Cardvest wallet within 3-5 minutes after your trade has been confirmed. You can withdraw the money you need from your wallet and deposit it in your bank account.

Rates for Sephora gift cards in Ghana

You can calculate the current value of your Google Play gift card and any other gift cards you wish to sell through the Cardvest gift card rate calculator. 

image 13

The company offers the quickest and safest method of selling gift cards using a three-step gift card trading process after you create an account with it;

  • Using the rate calculator, you can find the current rates.
  • Upload your gift card and place an order.
  • So you can withdraw the funds

Cardvest has the best rates which are automatically updated with the Chinese exchange rate and instant transactions.


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