How to Redeem Google Play Gift Card

REDEEM GOOGLE PLAY GIFT CARD FOR CEDIS: There are 3 different ways to redeem a google play gift card. The process of redeeming a gift card involves loading the gift card into your Google account. There is a code on the back of every Google Play gift card that you need to reveal to redeem it and you will need this code to complete the steps below.

1). Redeem a google play card on your phone

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  • To open the menu, tap the three lines in the upper left corner.
  • Scroll down and tap “Redeem.”
  • Provide the coupon code.
  • Click Redeem
  • Then confirm your decision

2). Redeem the Google Play card as you make the purchase

  • You can use the gift card to purchase a product, app, game, or any service that you want through the google play store or any related google service.
  • During the purchase process, select the G-pay icon to select your preferred payment option.
  • Select “Redeem Code” from the available options.
  • Enter the gift card code.
  • Click Redeem and confirm the purchase

3). Redeem a Google Play card via email

You can easily use this option when you have an ecode (that is the code that was delivered to you through email) and no physical card.

  • Open the email that contains the google play ecode.
  • Select the redeem button.
  • Enter your email to confirm it’s your card.
  • Select ‘Click to redeem’.
  • Confirm your account

How to sell your Google Play Gift Card in Ghana

We can help you sell your google play gift card in Ghana at the best rate possible, and you’ll get paid in cedis in five minutes. This is a nice option when you don’t want to redeem the card.

To sell your cards here in Ghana, all you have to do is log in and trade the card. Quickly visit to start selling now at the best possible rate.

CardVest is a reliable gift cards exchanger in Ghana. We buy your gift cards and pay in Naira and Cedis. We make instant cash payments after redemption of gift cards.

  1. Visit Cardvest an create an account or Log in (You can also download the mobile on playstore or Apple store
  2. Select the gift card you want to trade (Google Play)
  3. Input the necessary card details and click trade
  4. Your card will be processed and once confirmed, payment will be processed immediately.

What is a gift card?

In general, a gift card contains a defined amount of money that can be used towards any kind of purchase or for other purposes as well. During celebratory occasions and holiday seasons, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, it can be given as a gift. The most common types of gift cards are store cards and cash cards.

In this season, trading or buying gift cards online, which includes buying and selling, has been making waves, and it will be abominable not to pay attention to it. This article summarizes the whole idea behind Google play Gift cards and how to redeem them.

The business

It is popularly known that Ghanaians are not so accustomed to using gift cards for online payments. They would rather exchange the cards for cash and spend the money on something else than trading online. To avoid this, some individuals have invented a platform that enables you to quickly and easily sell your gift cards online without any hassle, CardVest.

How to get a Google Play Gift Card

There are different ways to get a google play gift card, but the best option is to purchase it at a reputable store like Amazon. You can click here to shop for google play gift cards on amazon. Gift cards can also be bought at any retail store around you that sells gift cards, but it’s a good idea to buy from a trusted vendor to be on the safe side. When you purchase the e-code version from amazon, you will be able to receive the code through email immediately if you are in Ghana. 


How much Does a Google Play Gift Card Cost?

On Amazon, you can get a google play gift card worth $25 for $25, and if you want more, you can easily obtain it at the same rate. This means that the value of a gift card is the amount you will be paying for it if you buy it from a reputable vendor. Some vendors may charge you a small fee when you want to buy a gift card worth $25. You should know though, that Google Play eGift Cards are redeemable only for merchandise sold in Google Play stores, or on The eGift Cards may not be redeemable for cash.


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