How To Sell Razer Gold Gift Card For Cedis

Sell Razer Gold Gift Card For Cedis: Do you know that the first gift card was invented in 1944?

A gift card is a functional card, either hardware or software infused with cash, used for several retail and online stores purchases. Gift cards have been a significant improvement to ease spending and make life easier. Imagine purchasing a product without locomoting anywhere but right at the comfort of your room with a few swings of your finger. Moreso, you even have it delivered to your doorstep. You can achieve this all with a gift card. There are two types of gift cards, namely:

  • Open-loop gift card
  • Closed-loop gift card
  • The open-loop gift card is the type of card that supports purchases at any retail store. It’s widely accepted worldwide as it is usable for all. They are scarce and difficult to come by as they almost possess the same credit/debit card feature, a prominent example of which is a visa gift card.
  • The Closed-loop gift card is the most common as it is specific to certain stores or card-bearing retail stores. All transactions are performed within the company’s system and don’t extend to any other use. Examples include Amazon gift card, Starbucks gift card, Sephora gift card, and the card of discussion, which is Razor Gold gift card.

What to know about Razer gift card

Razor Gold is a payment option for games and gaming services, backed by Razer. The Razor gold company, founded in 2005, was built only for hardware and software services for gaming functions. This company is one of the leading gaming platforms with over 28 million registered users. You can purchase over 42,000 games and entertainment titles with the Razor gold. They launched virtual prepaid debit cards, including the Razor gold gift card, in 2021. However, the razer gift card is only available electronically, and you can purchase their card worth up to $1000 on their platform,

A fun fact about the razer gift card is that it doesn’t expire, unlike most gift cards that do after some time, but there’s no way to check for the unused balance on the card. You can’t reload the gift card once the funds are used up. And as stated earlier, it’s a closed-loop gift card that can only be redeemed online at their store and only for US citizens. And because it’s a digital card, You can’t even use it at Razor physical retail stores, including the stores in San Francisco and Las Vegas, which are the headquarters for this company.

It has no fee attached to the purchase and redemption of the gift card on its platform, making it very easy and affordable for customers. Also, the safety of your pin and card details is accorded to the user because they cannot be recovered if stolen or misplaced. The card also allows for payments bit-by-bit but can be used until the price is completed with a notification in your email about your Razor gift card details. You can purchase a Razor gold gift card as low as $10 ranging to $1000.

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How To Sell Razer Gold Gift Card For Cedis

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How to purchase Razer Gold gift card

  • Visit the website via your browser
  • Tap on the Purchase A Digital Gift Card
  • It directs you to a new page
  • You insert the value of the razor between $10-$1000
  • Then you input the amount or quantity of the value you want to purchase, which could be one or more.
  • Add an optional message that you can use to ascertain you made the order.
  • Select type of delivery, which is; Scheduled Delivery And Self Delivery
  • Scheduled delivery is when the card purchase is for someone else while self delivery is for yourself.
  • under scheduled delivery, here are the things to fill in:
    • Recipient’s name.
    • Recipient’s email.
    • Sender name(optional).
    • And fix the date of delivery.
  • For self-delivery, here are things to fill in:
    • Recipient’s name.
  • Then click on add to cart and proceed to the next page.
  • On the next page, input your card details and other required personal information like your address, phone number, and the likes.
  • Then input your email address, and within a few minutes or hours, you get your card details sent to your email for self-delivery or sent to the recipient for scheduled delivery.

The question in mind is, what if I’m not willing to buy a gaming event and I want my razor gift card exchanged for cash? People can be gifted this card without purchasing any online gaming service. Worry not, as cardvest can exchange your card to cash within minutes with the sweetest rate you can ever imagine. Their delivery is swift, with good customer relationships and a dope exchange rate.

How to convert your Razer Gold gift card for Cedis

  • Visit on your browser or download the cardvest app on the play store to get started
  • Sign up with the required details and confirm your registration with your email.
  •  Then sign in after registration.
  • On the upper left side of the phone, three lines are shown, which you click and select the trade card option.
  • It directs you to a new page, and you select the razer gold gift card under the gift card category.
  • Afterward, you choose the amount of the gift card you want to exchange in the next box.
  • The next box requires you to input the amount you want to convert, automatically displaying the conversion to cedis.
  • Then proceed to trade card.
  • The next page asks for the details of the card to which you input the 19 pins and other necessitated requests.
  • After your card details are confirmed and validated, payment is made instantaneously to your local bank.

Cardvest also converts numerous gift cards to cash of your choice, be it cedis or naira. Your satisfaction is our priority…


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