How Much Is Amazon Gift Card In Cedis

Amazon gift card is a closed-loop gift card, meaning it can only be used at the issuer’s platform i.e Amazon. If you are in Ghana, you can exchange your Amazon gift card for cash on Cardvest; the best gift card around. When you want to trade your Amazon gift card or other types of gift card it is normal to be concerned about the amount you will on the trade. When you trade with Cardvest, you don’t have to worry about this because you will get the best value for your gift card on Cardvest.

Cardvest offers the best exchange rate for gift cards in Ghana, using Cardvest’s rate calculator, here is the vau of Amazon gift cards and some other tradeable gift cards on the platform:

$100 US Amazon cash receipt gift card: the current exchange rate for a US Amazon cash receipt gift card is GHS 4.42/$. Hence, $100 worth will be GHS 442.31. You can choose to either receive the funds for your trade directly in your bank account or live it in your Cardvest Wallet.

$50 US Amazon debit receipt gift card: the prevailing exchange rate for the debit receipt gift card is GHS 4.29/$. A $50  US Amazon debit receipt gift card is GHS 214.74. When you trade your gift card on Cardvest you receive payment immediately after the authenticity of your Amazon gift card is confirmed.

£100 UK Amazon cash/debit receipt gift card: UK gift cards tend to have a higher exchange rate compared to the US because of each country’s relation to the Cedi. The current exchange rate for UK Amazon cash and debit receipt gift card is GHS 5.06/£. A £100 UK Amazon gift card is worth GHS 506.41.

£100 UK Amazon no-receipt gift card: the exchange rate for the UK Amazon no-receipt gift card is GHS 4.68/£, hence, the value of a £100 UK Amazon no-receipt gift card is GHS 467.95. Cardvest has a 24/7 customer support system that is there to help our customers solve any problem they might have encountered while trying to trade their gift cards.

You can use Cardvest’s rate calculator to check the value of other gift cards you want to trade. 

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How to trade your Amazon gift card on Cardvest

  • Go to Cardvest’s website or download the mobile app. The mobile app is available on both Google Play Store and the App Store.
  • Create an account with a valid email address if you are a new user or login if you already have an account.
  • On your account dashboard, enter the type and amount of Amazon gift card you want to trade to the calculator to check the Cedi value and click on “Proceed to trade card”.
  • Provide your Amazon gift card details and upload a picture of the gift card on the next page, choose if you want to receive payment directly to your bank account or not, and click on proceed to submit your trade.
  • Your Cardvest account or Bank account will be credited immediately after the authenticity of your gift card is confirmed.

How to redeem an Amazon gift card via the app

  • Open the Amazon app and tap the three stacked lines in the bottom-right corner, and then tap Account.
  • Scroll down to the Payments section and select Manage gift card balance.
  • You’ll be brought to the page where you can redeem a gift card or add a balance to an existing one. Tap Redeem another gift card to activate your gift card by entering its code or scanning it.
  • Alternatively, you can redeem a new gift card straight from the checkout page. In the Payment Information section, just type or scan your gift card number.

How to redeem an Amazon gift card via the web

  • The process is pretty similar if you go through Amazon’s website.
  • Head to Amazon and log in, then hover your mouse over the Account & Lists option in the top right.
  • In the menu that appears, click Gift Card Balance.
  • You’ll see your current gift card balance and transaction history. To redeem a new gift card, click Redeem a Gift Card and enter its code.
  • You can also redeem an Amazon gift card right from the checkout page. Under Add a gift card or promotion code or voucher, type your gift card number and then click Apply.

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