Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Gift Card Merchant

Choosing A Gift Card Merchant

Choosing A Gift Card Merchant: Choosing a vendor to trade gift cards online is not only about how beautifully the website or mobile app is designed. There are crucial factors to consider before trusting a particular exchange platform to trade your gift card, here are few factors to consider;


Reputation should precede the gift card trading platform you choose. Financial transactions are sensitive and bad actors are also in the market. Hence, you should be cautious before choosing a platform to trade your gift cards.

When you see a platform, check for social proof. Check the site’s online activity. If the platform has a mobile app check the review on the app, or search for the platform’s name on various social media platforms and ensure there are satisfactory remarks from previous and current users before embarking on an exchange journey with them.


You definitely don’t want to trade your gift card at a loss, you are in it to make profits. Hence, you need to be sure the platform you are going for offers you the highest possible return. The best gift card vendors offer the best rates in the market, you should ensure you check the rates for various gift cards before trading with them.

Different Gift cards have differing values. Hence, research to know the standard price of the gift card you own and then sell to a platform that offers you more money.

Choosing A Gift Card Merchant

Choosing A Gift Card Merchant

Transactional Speed

Any reputable gift card exchange should boast of instant transactions. Once the trading platform can verify that your card is genuine, they should release payment instantly. Hence, a platform that delays payment is a terrible option. 

If a platform promises fast payment, don’t just take their word for it, check reviews online that support the claim.


Security is another vital factor to consider when choosing a gift card trading platform. You don’t want to commit your money to a trading platform that is prone to security breaches.


Cardvest is one of the best gift card exchange platforms in the exchange market, we have been in the gift card exchange business since 2016 and have been trading gift cards satisfactorily and offering profitable rates to clients in Nigeria, Ghana and beyond. Cardvest checks all the positive check-box required for an industry-standard gift card exchange merchant, we have good rates, 24/7 trade time, and fast payment among many other features.

Reasons you should trade your gift cards with Cardvest

First and foremost, the most important reason to consider Cardvest is the high exchange rate that will help you maximize your profit. Instead of losing on a good exchange rate, why don’t you join the profit-maximizing team today and experience a high return on your gift cards?

You are sure to get the current rate when you check our rate calculator has the rates are updated when needed.

Another important aspect that makes Cardvest a good exchange platform is the ease associated with selling your gift cards on both the website and the mobile app. Our platform is designed to make it easy to navigate through it no matter how tech-savvy you are.

You can sell your gift cards on our website or through our mobile platform which is available for download on both Google Play Store and App Store.

Why choose Cardvest to trade your gift cards?

  • Cardvest has one of the best if not the best exchange rate you can find in the digital card exchange market.
  • They have both web and app versions of the platform
  • No tedious process when you want to sell your gift cards just;
    • Create an Account through the app or website
    • Go to trade gift cards
    • Enter gift card details
    • Choose payment method
  • Then wait for your card to be verified and receive payment immediately.
  • Fast payment time
  • 24/7 Customer service to help with any problem you might encounter.

Choosing A Gift Card Merchant


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