What Determines A Good Gift Card Vendor In Nigeria

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Good Gift Card Vendor In Nigeria

Good Gift Card Vendor In Nigeria: The Nigerian gift card market is filled with various platforms, from the good to the bad. You should be cautious when choosing a vendor to sell your gift card to, while they are numerous good platforms to choose from the probability of choosing a bad vendor or straight-out scammer is also tangible. To help you make a better decision while trying to choose a good gift card vendor, here are things to look out for before trusting a platform with your gift card:

Good Gift Card Vendor In Nigeria

Good Gift Card Vendor In Nigeria


The gift card vendor you want to choose should have a good reputation. Anything that involves money is always sensitive and people that want to take advantage of your innocence are also in the market. Do your research on the platform you want to trade your gift card on.

When you come across a gift card vendor, check for social proof. Check the site’s online activity. If the platform has a mobile app check the app review on the Google Play Store or App Store. You can also search the platform’s name on various social media platforms, chances are few people have left either a positive or negative remark about their experience on the platform. If the platform’s reputation is okay, you can go ahead and trade your gift card with them.

Exchange Rates

One common thing among gift card traders is that we want to make profits on our trade, hence you should go with the platform that offers the best exchange rate in the market. The best gift card vendors offer the best rates in the market, once you decide to go with a platform, you should check the rates for various gift cards tradable on the platform.

Different Gift cards have differing values. Hence, get familiar with the standard rates of the gift card you own then sells to a platform that offers you more money.

Transactional Speed

A good gift card vendor should be able to boast of fast transaction time. Once the trading platform can verify the authenticity of the provided gift card, it should disburse payment instantly. Hence, a platform that delays payment is not a great platform. If a platform promises fast payment, don’t just take their word for it, check reviews online that support the claim.

One platform that can be associated with all these characteristics is Cardvest, founded in 2016, Cardvest is one of the best gift card trading platforms in Nigeria and Ghana. We are known for our:

  • Favourable exchange rate: when you trade your gift card on Cardvest, you get the best value for it. There are lots of factors that determine the rate of a given gift card, hence, the resell value of gift cards tends to change with time, no matter the prevailing economic condition, Cardvest always offers, customers, a favorable exchange rate. You can use the rate calculator to check the current exchange rate of various gift cards before committing to a trade.
  • Fast Transaction Time: it only takes few minutes to sell your gift card on Cardvest and you get paid immediately also. Customers of Cardvest receive payment immediately after the authenticity of the gift card is confirmed.

How to trade your gift card on Cardvest

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You can access our trading service through our mobile app or website. Simply create and set up your account and follow the simple steps below:

  • On your account dashboard, choose the gift card you want to trade under the category and the type of gift card you want to trade under ‘Type Of Gift Card’ and input the amount. Automatically, the rate calculator will display the amount for your trade, so you click ‘Proceed.’
  • Specify where you want to receive the funds; on your Cardvest wallet or directly into your bank account
  • Enter the details of the gift card you choose
  • Click on Proceed

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