What Is Gift Card Trading?

What Is Gift Card Trading: What do you do with gift cards you don’t want? Or what happens when you spend a portion of your gift card but don’t know what to do with the rest? Gift card trading is one of the many options you can explore when you have an unused gift card in your wallet.

Gift card trading is when you swap your unwanted or unused gift cards for another asset it can be cash, cryptocurrency or sometimes another gift card.

The most common type is trading your gift card for cash or cryptocurrencies, there are lots of gift cards vendor that are willing to swap your gift card for you, however, you have to exercise caution as the gift card exchange market is filled with mediocre vendors and scammers. 

You need a trusted gift card exchange platform that offers a good exchange rate for your gift cards, this is where Cardvest comes in.

What Is Gift Card Trading

What Is Gift Card Trading

What are Gift Cards?

Gift cards are prepaid debit cards, with a specific value; you can use them to purchase goods and services from the companies that issue them, they can sometimes serve as an alternative to an ATM card(open-loop gift card). Virtually all top retail stores own gift cards. These companies load the cards for use with a specific amount, which customers can use whenever they want to make purchases.

It’s called gift cards because they are used as gifts for loved ones. Hence, instead of disturbing yourself with a specific gift to give, you can give them gift cards from a particular store or an open-loop gift card that is more wildly accepted, which they will use to pick whatever they so desire.

Gift cards come in a variety of pre-loaded amounts. So, you can find a Walmart or Visa gift card for $50, $100, etc.

There are two main types of gift cards. There is the Open Loop Gift card and the Closed-loop gift card. Open-loop gift cards are those you can use anywhere they are accepted. Closed-loop gift cards are only accepted by the store that issued them.

Why you should trade your gift card on Cardvest

Best Gift Card Buyer In Nigeria  The Highest Rate In Ghana

The best vendor to trade your gift card within Nigeria and Ghana is Cardvest. Cardvest was founded in 2016, and the company has grown to be one of the most trusted gift cards vendors in Nigeria and Ghana. Since its inception, Cardvest has built brand loyalty with thousands of customers across the country, thanks to the outstanding services provided over time.

Within Nigeria and Ghana, Cardvest is the gift card trading app that gives the highest rate. The company’s website is also properly designed; you can easily check the exchange rates for various gift cards before committing to a trade.

There is also the Cardvest app, where you can easily trade on the go. 

The app is available for both Android and IOS users, a simple name search and the app will pop up for download. 

Cardvest offers support for just about any gift card you have. For example, they trade  Amazon gif cards, iTunes gift cards, OneVanilla gift cards, Steam cards, Google pay, eBay card, Nike gift card, Netflix gift card, Marcy gift cards, Bloomdale gift cards, Amex gold express gift cards, Nordstorm card and many more. 

Customer support is another important reason to sell gift cards for cash on Cardvest. The support system will respond to any enquiry you might have within a proper time frame.

How To Trade Your Gift Card On Cardvest

  • The first step is to create an account through the website or mobile app. Download the mobile app on the Google Play Store or App Store depending on your device.
  • Add your Bank Account details to complete your account setup. 
  • Navigate to the trade gift card section on your account dashboard, and choose the type of gift card you want to trade.
  • On the next page, provide the gift card details along with a picture of the gift card and click on proceed.
  • Upon verification, you will be credited the Naira or Cedis equivalent of the gift card within minutes.

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