Where Can I Sell My OneVanilla Gift Card In Ghana

OneVanilla Gift Card In Ghana: Onevanilla gift card is a Visa non-reloadable prepaid gift card, it can be used for online purchases, shopping, gas payment and even eating out. Unlike standard prepaid gift cards, One Vanilla does not attract any monthly deduction or transaction fees; the only charge incurred is the initial fee at the time of purchase. OneVanilla gift cards can be used for shopping at locations in the United States, Canada and other countries where Debit Mastercard or Visa debit cards are allowed.

Sell OneVanilla Gift Card In Ghana

OneVanilla gift card is a popular example of an open-loop gift card; a gift card whose usage is not tied to a single merchant, OneVallia gift card can be used anywhere where a gift card is accepted as a substitute for cash.

Where To Trade Onevanilla Gift Card

OneVanilla Gift Card In Ghana

The gift card market in Ghana has been gaining recognition recently, the major constraint people face when they want to sell their gift cards is getting a trusted and reliable gift card vendor with an exchange rate that is favourable to the seller (Customers). If you are conversant with the gift card exchange market you will know that trust is a key factor in having a successful gift card exchange experience.

  • Favourable exchange rate: The gift card vendor should offer an exchange rate that favours you as a gift card trader, you shouldn’t trade your gift card at loss. Depending on the platform you exchange your gift card on, gift card trading can be a profitable business endeavour.

Here is where Cardvest comes in. Cardvest is a gift card exchange platform where you can sell your OneVanilla gift card and other types of gift cards. Cardvest is known for its successful attempt in bridging the gap between the service expected by gift card traders and the service offered by gift card vendors. The key feature that gift card traders look out for are trust and good rates and Cardvest have been able to deliver on both features. In summary, when you trade your gift card on Cardvest, you get to enjoy services like:

  • High exchange rate
  • Timely disbursement of funds
  • Multiple tradeable gift cards
  • Accessible through both the website and mobile app. You can download the mobile app on Play Store and App Store.

Price Of OneVanilla gift card

If you want to sell your OneVanilla gift card for the highest possible return, Cardvest is your go-to vendor, using the rate calculator feature on their platform, here are the values of various OneVanilla gift cards:

  • USA OneVanilla Cash-receipt $100 – $200 – GHS 5.83 / $
  • USA OneVanilla Cash-receipt $300 – $500 – GHS 6.00 / $
  • USA OneVanilla Debit receipt $100 – $200 – GHS 5.50 / $
  • USA OneVanilla Debit receipt $300 – $500 – GHS 6.00 / $
  • USA OneVanilla activation/no receipt $100 – $200 – GHS 5.92/ $
  • Canada OneVanilla $100 – $400 – GHS 5.00 / $

How to trade gift cards on Cardvest

  1. Go to Cardvest’s website or download the mobile app on Google Play Store
  2. Create an account or log in if you are an existing user
  3. Verify and set up your account by saving your bank account details on your account
  4. Navigate to sell gift cards on your account dashboard
  5. Choose your preferred gift card and input the gift card details
  6. Submit the picture of the gift card in the image field
  7. Wait for your gift card to be verified
  8. Your account will be credited once the gift card is verified.
  9. Authenticate a withdrawal to your bank account from your Cardvest account.

Benefits of Open Loop Cards

Open-loop gift cards are widely available and recipients can use them at restaurants, clothing stores, grocery stores and more. They can even be used to pay non-recurring bills. Open-loop cards are almost as flexible as cash.


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