What Are Digital Gift Cards

What Are Digital Gift Cards: An e-code Gift Card is a convenient way to send and receive gift cards. If you have recently received an e-gift card or are considering gifting an e-gift card to someone else, you may be wondering how it works and where you can use it. Note, throughout this article, we will be using e-codes and digital gift cards interchangeably since they mean the same thing.

What Is A Digital Gift Card?

A Digital Gift Card is a type of gift card without a physical form. Digital gift cards are sent and received via email. The body of the mail will contain a unique code associated with the card, which the recipient can use to make gift card payments.

The sender of the digital gift card typically also receives an email for confirmation that the website has sent the card. 

Digital gift card works just like any other gift card, you can choose the amount of money to put in the card, just like you will do with a physical gift card.

How Do You Use An E-code Gift Card?

Digital cards are easy to use, as all the information you need is in the email you receive. The body of the mail will contain a code and a PIN. You can use the code and the PIN as payment when shopping at the associated retailer just like you will do with a physical gift card.

When you receive a digital card email, be sure to save the email and write down the relevant e-Gift card code so you don’t lose track of it later on. 

How Do E-code Gift Cards Work?

What Are Digital Gift Cards
What Are Digital Gift Cards

What Are Digital Gift Cards

If you are interested in purchasing a digital gift card, you first want to select what type of gift card you want (closed-loop like Amazon gift card or Open loop like Visa gift card) and how much money you would like to put on it. After you enter your payment details and the email address of the recipient, the digital gift card will be sent immediately. 

As a recipient of an e-code gift card, you should review the terms and conditions of the particular gift card as different merchants have different policies on how you can use the gift card and what product you can buy with them.

Once you’ve looked over the digital gift card guidelines, you can start shopping. When it’s time to checkout, select “gift card” as a payment option. Then enter the digital gift card code and PIN as the website requests. 

When you use your e-code gift card online, you should be able to see the remaining balance on the card, so you know if there’s any money left to spend. 

What Is the Difference Between An E-code and A Physical Gift Card?

The main difference between an E-code and a physical gift card is that a physical gift card has a physical appearance, whereas a digital gift card is only a code and PIN sent to your email.

Aside from the physicality of a gift card, there is no significant difference between an e-code gift card and a regular gift card. Some people find an e-gift card more convenient, as you don’t have to keep track of a small card. 

If you are choosing between a digital gift card and a physical gift card, you may want to check on the retailer’s gift card policies. Although most merchants allow an e-code gift card to be used in-store or online, some retailers only accept e-Gift cards during online purchases.

Are e-Gift Cards Safe?

If a company is trustworthy, purchasing and using its digital gift card should be safe. Generally speaking, an e-code gift card is as safe as any other form of digital commerce. 

When making e-code gift card purchases, make sure to follow general online security etiquette, never buy an e-Gift card from a website or company that doesn’t appear trustworthy or that you’ve never used before. It’s up to a company to securely protect your personal information, and you should only give your payment details to well-established and organised websites with good reviews from consumer protection groups. 

How To Trade Your Digital Gift Card For Cash

Just like when buying an e-code gift card, you should only trade your gift card on a platform that has been trusted by many over years. Trading your gift card on a good platform will ensure that;

  • You don’t get scammed for your gift card
  • Get the best market value for your gift card
  • Trade your gift card with little to no hassle
  • Get funds for your gift card trade as quickly as possible
  • You have a support centre to report to in case you run into any problems while trying to trade your e-code gift card.

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