How Do I Buy Data on Airtel?

Airtel provides various data plans to suit the needs of different users. These plans differ in terms of the amount of data they offer, their duration, and their cost.

Some users require a lot of internet data to watch videos, download files, and stream music. They may opt for a data plan that provides a large amount of data at an affordable price. Other users may only need to use the internet for basic tasks such as checking emails and browsing social media. For such users, Airtel offers smaller data plans that are less expensive. Customers can choose the data plan that best fits their budget and internet usage.

There are various ways to buy data on Airtel:

My Airtel App

If you wish to buy data using My Airtel app, these are the steps to follow:

  • Download My Airtel app on Google Playstore or App store.
  • Register using your phone number.
  • On your dashboard, select ‘Buy bundles’
  • Enter your phone number and choose from daily, weekly and monthly bundles available.
  • Proceed to complete the transaction. Once done, you will receive a notification confirming that the purchased data has been credited to line. It is important to note that having sufficient airtime is necessary for a smooth experience.
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Mobile Banking App

To buy data via your mobile banking app, follow these steps:

  • Open your mobile banking app and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the “Airtime and Data” section.
  • Select the “Data” option and choose your network and preferred data plan.
  • Enter your phone number and confirm the transaction.

However, the steps may vary slightly depending on your mobile banking app’s interface.


Cardvest provides the fastest way to buy Airtel data. With Cardvest, customers can buy data in just a few clicks, without the need for physical recharge cards.

  • Login to your Cardvest account.
  • Click on the ‘data’ icon on your dashboard.
  • Select Airtel as your preferred network
  • Choose from the available bundles and enter your mobile number.
  • Click ‘Buy Data’.

It takes a minute or less to buy Airtel data on Cardvest.

Available Airtel Data Plans in Nigeria

Airtel data plans vary in terms of validity period, data allowance, and cost. Some of the available Airtel data plans in Nigeria include daily plans, weekly plans, monthly plans, and mega plans.

Daily plans are suitable for customers who need internet access for a short period. Weekly plans are ideal for users who require more data than daily plans. Monthly plans are suitable for customers who need data for an extended period, and mega plans are designed for heavy internet users who require large data allowances.

Daily Plans
  1. ₦50 Daily Plan: This plan offers 40MB of data for 24 hours. To subscribe, dial *141*50#.
  2. ₦100 Daily Plan: This plan offers 100MB of data for 24 hours. To subscribe, dial *141*100#.
  3. ₦300 Daily Plan: This plan offers 1GB of data for 24 hours. To subscribe, dial *141*354#.
Weekly Plans
  1. ₦300 for 350MB. To subscribe, dial *141*300#
  2. ₦500 for 1GB plus 1 GB for YouTube night streaming. To subscribe, dial *141*502#
  3. ₦1,500 for 6GB. To subscribe, dial *141*1504#
Monthly Plans
  1. ₦1,000 for 1.5 GB. To subscribe, dial *141*1000#
  2. ₦1,200 for 2GB. To subscribe, dial *141*1200#
  3. ₦1,500 for 3GB. To subscribe, dial *141*1500#
  4. ₦2,000 for 4.5GB. To subscribe, dial *141*2000#
  5. ₦2,500 for 6GB. To subscribe, dial *141*2500#
  6. ₦3,000 for 10GB. To subscribe, dial *141*3000#
  7. ₦4,000 for 11GB. To subscribe, dial *141*4000#

To check your balance on Airtel Nigeria, you can either dial *140# or login to your “My Airtel” dashboard.


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