How To Sell Macy E-code Gift card In Nigeria

Macy’s gift card is a convenient digital asset introduced by Macy’s to offer a flexible payment option for many items available at their stores. From clothing and footwear to furniture and bedding, the Macy’s gift card enhances the shopping experience by providing an alternative to cash or debit/credit cards. Moreover, Macy’s gift cards have gained popularity in Nigeria due to their favorable resale rates, especially when sold through the appropriate platform. Hence, if you’re wondering where to sell your Macy’s gift card in Nigeria, We’ve got you covered.

Forms of Macy’s Gift Card

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  • Physical gift card

The physical Macy’s gift card are the ones you can touch. They are sent to your mailbox when you place an order.

  • E-code/Digital gift card

An e-gift card, also called an electronic gift card, is exclusively available for online purchase. It offers a convenient method of sending a personalized gift to someone special. Within 24 hours of purchase, the e-gift card will be delivered directly to your email address. This digital form of gifting allows for flexibility and ease, ensuring the recipient can swiftly receive and enjoy the gift.

How to check Macy’s Gift Card balance?

  • Log into your account.
  • Enter your 15-digit card number and 4-digit CID number (at the back of your card under a scratch-off panel)

How to Redeem Macy’s Gift Card?

You can redeem your Macys e-gift card by applying the gift card code on the payment screen during the check-out process at the online store. Here is how to go about it in 3 easy steps:

  • Log into your account.
  • Enter the 15-digits card number into the card number field
  • Select Apply gift cards button

What is a Macy’s Gift Card Used For?

Macy’s gift cards are used to buy clothing, footwear, furniture, software, and other items sold at the brand. They can be used only on the Macy’s website or physical location. 

Where To Sell Macy’s Gift Cards For Naira In Nigeria?

If you’re seeking the ideal platform to sell your Macy’s gift cards for cash in Nigeria at competitive rates, look no further than CardVest. Whether you received the gift card for a special occasion or as a form of payment, if you’re interested in reselling it for cash, you may have wondered, “Where Can I Sell My Macy’s Gift Card in Nigeria?” While various online platforms offer this service, Cardvest is the ideal destination. Cardvest is a modern gift card exchange platform that facilitates the swift sale of not just Macy’s gift cards but also a wide range of other gift cards. With our user-friendly application, you can convert your Macy’s gift card into cash within minutes!

How much is a $100 Macy’s Gift Card?

The price of a $100 Macy’s Gift Card currently might not be the same in the next 24 hours. A $100 Macy’s Gift Card costs around NGN 45,000 for the physical card and NGN 42,000 for the e-code.

How To Sell Macy Gift Cards on CardVest

  • To get started, simply sign up via the web or visit our Apple or Google Play store page to download our mobile application and create an account. You only need a valid email address, phone number, and username to register a Cardvest account successfully.
  • On your dashboard, click ‘Trade.’ Select the type of gift card you want to trade. In this case, select ‘Macy gift card.’ You would also be required to choose the category of Macy gift card, i.e., physical or E-code gift card.
  • After you have selected the category, input the denomination of your Macy gift card. The gift card rate calculator would automatically display the value in Naira.
  • Click ‘proceed’. On the next page, upload a clear picture of your Macy gift card. Make sure your gift card is valid and carries the necessary information.
  • Click on ‘Place order’ to complete your transaction.
  • Your CardVest will be credited immediately after your gift card is confirmed to be authentic.
  • To withdraw the funds to your local bank, return to your user dashboard and fill in your bank details. Once you have done that, you can withdraw the cash to your bank account. Withdrawal on Cardvest is instant.

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