How Much Is $100 Sak’s Gift Card

$100 Sak’s Gift Card; Saks Fifth Avenue is a renowned luxury department store in the United States, specializing in exquisite beauty items, including bags, shoes, clothing, and other fashionable accessories. Their collection caters to both men and women, ensuring exceptional quality at a reasonable price point. With physical stores located in New York and various other American cities, Saks also operates an online store where customers can explore and purchase all the items available in their locations.

Like other prominent department stores like Sephora, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and Walmart, Saks offers the option of purchasing with gift cards. They provide both traditional/physical and digital/virtual gift cards, granting flexibility to shoppers in selecting their preferred gifting method.

About Sak Gift Card

Saks gift cards offer versatility and convenience as they can be used for purchases at both physical and online Saks stores. These gift cards are available for purchase through both online and traditional methods. The denominations vary depending on the delivery method. Physical gift cards, which can be delivered to a physical address, are available in denominations ranging from $150 to $2000. On the other hand, e-gift cards, which are delivered via email and cannot be physically sent, are available in denominations as low as $25 and as high as $2000.

Regardless of whether it is a physical gift card or an e-gift card, both function in the same manner. Each card carries a unique card number that allows the holder to make payments using the preloaded amount purchased.

To check the card balance, you can contact the customer at

How much is a $100 Saks Gift Card

Cardvest is the hub for gift card trading. With Cardvest, you get the best value for your gift card. The current exchange rate for a Saks gift card is NGN 460/$, hence a $100 Sak’s gift card is NGN 46,000. You can always use the rate calculator to get the exchange rate when you want to sell your gift card.

How to trade Saks gift card In Nigeria

saks gift card

Trading gift cards for cash on CardVest is incredibly simple and hassle-free. By following the steps outlined below, you can embark on your journey to convert any gift card into cash in Nigeria. CardVest offers both a web platform and a user-friendly mobile app, ensuring convenience for all traders. For those who prefer using a mobile app, you can easily download the CardVest app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, catering to both Android and iOS devices.

Steps to trading gift cards on Cardvest:

  • Log on to or download the mobile app. The process is similar on both platforms, so feel free to make your pick.
  • Create an account with Cardvest by signing up
  • Log in to the account you just created to view your dashboard. The dashboard will have various sections like trading, bank details, check rate, and more.
  • Select gift card or go to the gift card trading section.
  • Select the gift card you want to trade. In this case, select “Saks fifth avenue.” You can also trade the others that you see on the selection menu.
  • Proceed to select the category (If needed) and enter the amount in USD.
  • At this stage, the gift card calculator will proceed to display the exchange equivalent of the amount entered. Please, note that the exchange rate of the different gift cards may vary. You may now proceed to trade your gift card by uploading the card number and/or image of the card as may be requested.
  • Ensure that your bank details are correctly entered to aid the smooth delivery of your funds after verification is complete.
  • Proceed to submit and wait a few minutes for card verification to complete. Your funds will be transferred to your preferred payment destination as soon as the verification process is done.

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