Is gift card available in Egypt?

Gift cards are one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Before now, we relied on the conventional system of payment, which included cash or coins. With financial technology taking the world by storm, new methods of payment have been discovered, and gift cards are one of them. Have you ever used a gift card in Egypt? Did you know that there are gift cards in Egypt? Whether your answer to these questions is yes or no, it is essential to know that gift cards are available in Egypt.

With a gift card in Egypt, you can make safer online and offline payments instead of carrying cash around cash or inputting your debit card details. Gift cards cannot be used to withdraw money from the ATM, but it is an easier way to make online payments. So, if you are looking for the best gift cards in Egypt, read on to find out!

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List of gift cards in Egypt

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Egypt is at the center of civilization and technological advancements in the world. So, you would expect a widespread of gift cards in Egypt, and that’s exactly how it is. Various companies distribute different types of gift cards in Egypt. These gift cards are discussed below.

iTunes gift cards in Egypt

iTunes gift cards are pretty popular. If you own an Apple device, you know about iTunes gift cards. You can easily purchase any Apple software product with your iTunes gift card. You can pay for iTunes and Apple Music subscriptions with your iTunes gift card. You can also buy books, apps, movies, and lots more without inputting your debit card details first.

Parfois gift cards in Egypt  

Parfois is on a mission to make customers enjoy simple and inspiring shopping experiences both offline and online. The company issues a gift card that can be loaded using the money to purchase store items. The company deals in the sales of apparel, accessories, and female wear.

Okaïdi gift card in Egypt

Okaidi is one of the most prominent French fashion brands in the world. The company produces and distributes wear for children aged 0 to 14 years. The company has a branch in Egypt, and you can use your Okaïdi gift card to make purchases. The mall gift card can be used for cashless payments instead of offering a debit card. 

Google Play gift cards in Egypt

Google Play gift cards are very popular among Android users in Egypt. If you have a Google Play gift card in Egypt, you are very fortunate. You can use your Google Play gift card to purchase hardware and software products powered or produced by Google.

Xbox gift cards in Egypt

Xbox gift cards are very popular amongst gamers in Egypt. If you want to surprise your gamer friend on their birthday, buy them an Xbox gift card. With an Xbox gift card, the recipient can purchase gaming items and other accessories online.

Which store sells gift cards in Egypt?

Several convenient stores, restaurants, and gas shops sell gift cards in Egypt. All you have to do is find one that sells the gift cards you want to purchase.

Where can I get an Amazon gift card in Egypt?

Amazon gift cards are available in Egypt. You can use Amazon gift cards to purchase items on Amazon with ease. If you want to purchase Amazon gift cards, the safest way is through their website. You can also buy from trusted online retailers like Cardvest and have it delivered to your email within minutes after purchase.

How to sell Egypt iTunes gift cards in Nigeria?

Types of gift cards in Saudi Arabia

You will need an exchange platform like Cardvest to sell Egypt iTunes gift cards. Cardvest is a customer-centric gift card exchange platform that allows traders to sell gift cards at the best rates. To sell your Egypt iTunes on Cardvest, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Cardvest website or download our mobile app on the Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on your device.
  • Create an account with your email and credentials if you don’t have an account. Sign in with your credentials if you are an existing user.
  • On your account dashboard, upload your bank details in the withdrawal section to complete your account set-up.
  • Navigate to the trade gift section and choose the type of gift card you want to redeem. The rate calculator will provide the Naira value so you will know the amount you will receive from the conversion before going on with the trade.
  • On the next page, provide the gift card details accompanied by a picture of the gift card and click on trade now.
  • The authenticity of the gift card will be verified, and you will receive payment in your bank account or Cardvest wallet within minutes, depending on your choice.

How much is a $100 Egypt iTunes gift card in Nigeria?

According to the Cardvest rates calculator, the current rate of a $100 Egypt iTunes gift card in Nigeria is 34,000 naira.


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