Types of gift cards in India

India is blessed with several businesses, and they are now learning that gift cards are a great way of promoting their businesses without breaking the bank. Fostering promotional campaigns for big corporations by making sales easier was one of the foremost reasons gift cards were created. The purpose of gift cards has gained diverse use cases, especially regarding gift giving.

The culture of gift-giving has been imbibed in the hearts of Indians from the beginning. The highlights of all their cultural festivals involve buying gifts for each other and enjoying the activities. The advent of gift cards has made gifting easier than it used to be, and the Indians cannot be more grateful.

Which gift card is available in India

Types of Gift cards in Switzerland

Several gift cards are available in India, depending on what you intend to gift the recipient. However, the best and most popular gift cards in India are Google Play and Amazon gift cards, as discussed below.

India Google Play gift card

Most Indians appreciate gift cards instead of random items as gifts. You can gift your friend or loved one a Google Play gift card. This saves you the headache of figuring out the perfect gift item to buy. You also offer the chance to buy whatever they want on Google PlayStore.

Google Play gift cards can be used for subscriptions on platforms like YouTube. Use your Google Play gift card instead of using your credit or debit card to add funds to your Google Pay account. Redeem the gift card, and the fund will be added to your Google Pay account.

There are several movies and TV shows available on Google PlayStore. You need a payment method to access them. This is where the Google Play gift card comes in. If you are subscribed to the Google Play Family Plan, you can share the rented or purchased movies with up to 5 members. If not, you can do that by clicking the menu icon in your Google Play app, selecting Account, then Family.

Books and magazines are at your fingertip with a Google Play gift card. The platform has a vast library of books and magazines covering sports, entertainment, and business. You can easily use your Google Play gift card to purchase for anyone.

India Amazon gift card

Unless you’re living under a rock, there’s no way you wouldn’t know about Amazon, the biggest e-commerce corporation in the world. Amazon sells almost everything you need as a human being. No wonder it is being called a multipurpose gift card by so many. You can never go wrong with gifting your loved one an Amazon gift card because even if they decide not to use it on online Amazon stores, they can always choose to go the subscription or book route. It’s fantastic when one little gift card can serve so many functions.

Different varieties of Amazon gift cards depend on the type that is most convenient for you to buy and spend. The kinds of Amazon gift cards are physical, digital, print at home, specialty, and Amazon reloads. The similarities between these gift cards are they all contain a 15-16 digit code that can be presented for payment. Before you can use your Amazon gift card, you must activate the card on the Amazon platform to make your balance available to you.

Some errors are common with Amazon gift cards, and they include:

1. Error messaging saying “cannot be redeemed in your region” even when you’re said region.

2. Claim code unlocked.

3. Invalid code.

The best place to trade India gift cards for money In Nigeria 

The best place to trade India gift cards in Nigeria is Cardvest. Cardvest is an innovative digital exchange platform dedicated to changing how we trade gift cards for naira. On Cardvest, you can sell India Amazon or Google Play gift cards for cash at the best rates. The rates on Cardvest are higher than you can find anywhere because we sell at over 80% of the gift card’s face value. Cardvest has a rates calculator that helps you calculat3 the current rate of your gift card before sales.

Other features of Cardvest include:

  • Our cross-platform availability.
  • Diverse gift card list.
  • Good security.
  • Responsive customer service.
  • Simple user interface that makes navigation easy.

If you have Indian gift cards, bring them to Cardvest, and improve your finances by trading with us.

To get started on Cardvest, visit the website or download the mobile apps to create an account. After creating an account, you can convert gift cards to money and get paid.

How much is a $100 India Amazon gift card?

Using the Cardvest rates calculator, the current price of a $100 India Amazon gift card is 40,000 naira.

How much is a $100 India Google Play gift card?

Using the Cardvest rates calculator, the current price of a $100 India Google Play gift card is 40,000 naira.


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