Types of gift cards in Serbia

When visiting a Serbian, especially during cultural festivals, it is customary to greet “Srecna slava.” But what they wouldn’t tell you is that to quickly acclimatize with Serbians, that greeting must be accompanied by a gift. It might be a bottle of wine, a special dish, or a gift card. It doesn’t matter the kind of gift card for the most part; all that matters is that you have participated in their culture of gift giving.

There are several types of gift cards in Serbia, and this might make it quite difficult for you to choose. The gift cards are in different categories like, retailer-specific, flexible, experience-based, gift cards, customizable, and prepaid gift cards. Gift cards are adjustable, so you can select from any of the categories depending on the recipient or occasion.

List of gift cards in Serbia 

Here are ten types of gift cards found in Serbia.

Delfi gift card

Delfi gift card is a flexible gift card because it can be used to shop at more than 1,500 different shops and eateries in Serbia. Places that accept the Delfi gift cards include popular chains like McDonald’s, H&M, and Adidas.

Deli gift card

Deli gift cards are retailer-specific, seeing that they are only accepted by the retailer that distributed them. Deli is a well-known cafe chain in Serbia that sells coffee and pastries. The gift cards can be used in any of their locations around Serbia. 

Samsung gift card

The Samsung gift card is another retailer-specific gift card distributed by one of the world’s leading technology brands. With a Samsung gift card, you can purchase many products, including smartphones, tablets, and TVs. Their gift card can be used to purchase any product from their online store or retail partners in Serbia.

ComTrade gift card

ComTrade is a technology company like Samsung. Like Samsung gift cards, the ComTrade gift cards are also retailer-specific. It can be used to purchase laptops, desktops, and accessories. Their gift card can be used to purchase any product from their online or offline store.

Maxi gift card

Maxi gift cards are retailer-specific. With your Maxi gift card, you can conveniently shop in one of Serbia’s largest supermarket chains. Maxi supermarket sells groceries, household items, and personal care products.

Apple Store gift cards

Apple gift card is among Serbia’s best and most popular gift cards. If you have ever used an iPhone, you would agree that there are certain features you cannot enjoy without paying for a subscription plan first. A debit or credit card registered to an active account must be added to the report to make a payment. While Inputting your card details is safe, using the Apple gift card is easily acceptable. With the gift card, you can easily purchase Apple subscriptions online and have Apple music, books, and TV activated. You can also purchase iPhone hardware products like the MacBook and deliver them to your doorstep.

Google Play Gift Cards

Google Play gift cards are another popular option in Serbia, allowing recipients to purchase digital content from the Google Play Store.  

Netflix Gift Cards

Netflix gift cards are becoming increasingly popular in Serbia, allowing recipients to enjoy a wide range of movies and TV shows on the streaming platform. They are easy to redeem and can be used for subscription payments. These gift cards can only be used for Netflix subscriptions, limiting recipients’ options if they prefer other streaming services.

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon is the largest online e-commerce company in the world. So believe us when we say you can use your Amazon gift card to purchase almost anything from Amazon. Apart from buying items, you can redeem your Amazon gift card by paying for your Amazon Prime subscription, reading books on Kindle, purchasing fresh groceries from Amazon’s Fresh and whole foods market, or selling it online for cash. 

Steam gift card

Steam gift cards are retailer specific. Steam is a gaming platform that distributes gift cards to help players easily purchase gaming accessories. With a Steam gift card, you can purchase several games on the Steam platform, buy gaming hardware, share digital gifts with friends, and connect with millions of Gamers all over the world. If you have a friend that loves gaming, Steam gift cards are the best gifts for such people.

Where can I buy a Steam gift card in Serbia?

Yes, you can buy a gift card in Serbia easily from any gift card store around you or Online retailers and get any gift card of your choice delivered to your Mail.

Where to sell Serbian gift cards in Nigeria and get paid

Types of gift cards in Saudi Arabia

If you have received a Serbian gift card in Nigeria and have been wondering what it can be used for, we have the ultimate solution for you.

In Nigeria, you can sell gift cards for cash and get paid immediately without stress. However, the ease of gift card sales in the country depends on the type of exchange platforms you use. To be safe, use exchange platforms that prioritize your needs as a trader. One of the few platforms that have hacked this is Cardvest.

Cardvest is the best gift card trading platform in Nigeria. With Cardvest, you can sell any of the gift cards listed in this article for money and get paid immediately. Cardvest sells gift cards at the best rates, which is always over 80% of the face value of the gift card. You’ll also enjoy the platform because it is easy to use and well-secured.

To get started on cardvest, visit the website or download the mobile apps, create an account, and start trading immediately.


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