How to Get GTBank NUBAN Number

When it comes to banking, having a smooth transaction experience depends on knowing specific details about your account. One of these important pieces of information is your NUBAN number.

A NUBAN number, which stands for ‘Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number,’ plays a pivotal role in the banking. Similar to an IBAN number used for international banking, the NUBAN is a standardized system designed to streamline and organize bank accounts in Nigeria.

With its 10-digit format, each bank account is assigned a unique NUBAN, serving as a framework for financial transactions. The essence of the NUBAN lies in its capacity to allow banks and money transfer services ensure precise money transfers to the right bank accounts.

Often referred to as various names like Nigerian IBAN number, Nigerian NUBAN code, or Nigerian bank routing number, the NUBAN’s core purpose remains consistent—to make sure that funds reach their intended recipients.

Introduced in 2011, this 10-digit numbering system provides a distinctive identification for every active customer across various banks, including the Central Bank of Nigeria.

GTBank NUBAN Number

For GTBank customers who are curious about retrieving their NUBAN number, the process is very straightforward. There’s no need to visit the bank or an ATM. You can get your NUBAN number by dialing the USSD code on your line registered with your GT bank account.

To check your GTBank account’s NUBAN number, dial *737*6*1# on your phone. It would be sent to you via SMS. Additional methods to get your NUBAN number include using GTBank mobile app and connecting with customer care channels.

GTBank Account Balance

Checking your GTBank account balance in Nigeria is a breeze, thanks to several methods at your disposal:

  1. USSD Code: Using the phone number linked to your GTBank account, dial the USSD code *737*6*1#. Your GTBank account balance will appear on your phone screen.
  2. SMS: If you prefer SMS, you can check your account balance by following a simple process.Open your messaging app, create a new message, and format it as “Bal Your-GTB-Account-number” (e.g., “Bal 0123456789”). Send this message to 08076665555. Afterwards, you’ll receive an SMS containing your GTBank account balance.
  3. GTBank Mobile App: For a modern approach, you can use GTBank mobile app. After registering the app, log in and go to the view icon beside the hidden account balance. Once you click this, your GTBank account balance will be revealed.
  4. ATM Machine: If you’re near an ATM, you can also check your GTBank account balance. Insert your GTBank ATM card and enter your 4-digit PIN. Select “check account balance” from the options, and your account balance will be displayed on the screen.
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GTBank BVN Number

A BVN, or Bank Verification Number, is a unique 11-digit identification code assigned to every individual who holds a bank account in Nigeria. This number acts as a safeguard for financial transactions by linking your personal information to your bank accounts across various banks.

To easily retrieve your BVN on GTBank, simply dial *565*0# on your mobile phone. You’ll receive your BVN directly to your line. Please note that a service charge of Twenty Naira (₦20) will be deducted from your airtime. This General USSD code works across all networks including MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and Glo, covering all banks in Nigeria.

GTBank USSD Codes

Here are GTBank USSD codes for various transactions:

  • Transfer to GTBank Account: Dial *737*1*Amount*Account Number# from your registered phone number with GTBank. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the transfer.
  • Transfer to Other Banks: Dial *737*2*Amount*Account Number# from your phone. Authenticate the transfer using your PIN, hardware token, or the last four digits of your GTBank debit card.
  • Self Top-up Airtime: To buy airtime for yourself, dial *737*Amount# on your phone.
  • Top-up Airtime for a Friend: To send airtime to a friend, dial *737*Amount*Recipient’s number#

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