How To Reconnect DStv After Payment

DStv has a bunch of plans that you can choose from to get access to different TV channels. These plans are like packages that offer a bunch of channels based on what you like to watch. So, if you’re into sports, movies, or even cartoons, there’s a plan for you. This way, you can enjoy watching channels that you really enjoy.

There are a few reasons why your DStv might get disconnected. It’s like when your phone loses signal sometimes.

  • Late Payment: If you haven’t paid your subscription on time, your DStv service might get disconnected.
  • Technical Issues: Sometimes, there might be technical problems on DStv’s end or with your decoder that could lead to a disconnection.
  • Signal Interference: Bad weather, like heavy rain, can mess with the signal and cause a temporary disconnection.
  • Account Issues: If there’s an issue with your account, like an expired payment card or wrong details, it might result in a disconnection.
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DStv SMS Short Code

In Nigeria, you can use DStv options using the SMS short code 30333. This same code serves as the DStv Nigeria self-service option, allowing you easily check your account balance through text messages.

To successfully reset your DStv account after making your subscription payment, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open your text message app.
  • Type “RESET” followed by a space.
  • Enter your DStv IUC number.
  • Send this text to the shortcode 30333.
  • Wait for a short while, and your account will be reactivated and ready to go.

The reset code is the same for different African countries, but the number you need to send it to changes. Here are the numbers for subscribers in other countries:

  • Botswana: Send to 1771
  • Mozambique: Send to 93788
  • Kenya: Send to 22788
  • Liberia: Send to 1270
  • Tanzania: Send to 15727
  • Malawi: Send to 53788
  • Ethiopia: Send to 8881
  • Zimbabwe: Send to 33788
  • Zambia: Send to 4333
  • Uganda: Send to 6060
  • Angola: Send to 43788
  • Namibia: Send to 3788

DStv Eazy Service

  • Visit and pick your country.
  • Log in to your account using your phone number or last name, and put in your smart card number.
  • On your screen, you’ll see “Fix Errors.” Tap on it.
  • A box will come up; type your smart card number in there.
  • Choose the error code your decoder is showing from the options they give you.
  • Complete the captcha and click on “Fix Error.”

Resetting DStv on the Decoder

To reset DStv channels on your decoder, follow these steps:

  • Put one finger on the RESET button of the DStv decoder and another on the Standby button.
  • Press both buttons at the same time.
  • The display panel on the DStv decoder will show “dL.”
  • Press and hold the TV/Audio button along with the P+ button at the same time.
  • Keep holding the buttons until the decoder displays the word “done.”
  • Your decoder and channels will be successfully reset.

Resetting DStv Using Remote

Here is another way to reset DStv, using your remote control.

  • Hold your DStv remote.
  • Press both the “reset” and “standby” buttons at the same time.
  • When you see the letters “DL” on the display panel,
  • Quickly press this sequence of buttons: Standby, P+, P-, P+, Standby.

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